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  4. TheSa|nt

    Hi, my name is...

    Well, I guess I'll skip my actual name but TheSa|nt works well enough. I come from NX 20 years (just chattered on and off through the years and enjoyed the community). Now, looking to belong to another one since that one vanished sadly. Looks like this one isn't quite active either, but at least its online . Looks like a fun bunch. Maybe I'll have a home in the corner somewhere here.
  5. TheSa|nt

    Post Videos and .Gifs Here

    For the kids
  6. TheSa|nt

    NXmembers formerly NXsecure

    I actually registered just to be a part of this convo (despite it being an old one that I am now resurrecting). I miss NX as there were some great individuals there. I wish I still had contact with them all. Regardless, I had the itch to find a new forum community that was like-minded in nature in ways but plans to stick around which led me to find this convo and site. Right on! As for the demise of the site, I don't think it was shut down by anything or anyone other than the admin as he stated multiple times that it was costing too much to keep it going with as little interaction as it was getting to the end (and kept pondering the idea of shutting it down). It was a great archive of past conversations and personalities while it lasted. I totally get it though. There are some projects I myself need to let go of but keep them around for sentimental value.
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  8. Thanks very very much ShAmmY1989
  9. The link for "Star Trek Lower Decks" Season 3, Episode 4, 720p, shows file not found.  Can you please re-post?

  10. shovelhead

    false positive?

    no i dont have camtasia installed
  11. Spamming on this forum is not acceptable behaviour nor is poaching.


  12. Smooth

    false positive?

    Does you have any verison of this program installed? c:\program files\techsmith\camtasia
  13. Smooth

    This Copy of Windows Is Not Genuine

    Its been a while with Daz. So first question, Are you running it as an administrator? Next does it have an uninstall option when you run it to remove it self? If it does remove it then reboot and reinstall it.
  14. shovelhead

    false positive?

    I just want to get another opinion if you think this is a false positive (from techsmith Grabit file) Kasperski didn't pick it up but NOD32 did: https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/1cd9b17b49ace764be7dd3633a085dd829c9743beca77459824aa24f6eb02191
  15. Hello pal I have a problem which is very puzzling to me. Just a few days back I was welcome with the 'This Copy of Windows Is Not Genuine'. I have been using it for more then a year without any problems it was activated with Daz windows loader. I tried to use windows loader 2.2 but encouterd problem it failed to enter the key, when I open the loader it state Unlicenced on the program I tried to tick the legacy but also failed. This PC is running Windows 7 Ultimate x86. I do hope you pals can help. Thanks.
  16. rocket66

    FreeRapid Downloader

    files have gone
  17. Rædwulf

    SSD Internal Hard Drive "Dead"

    I'd say it would be missing drivers but if it recognized and showed the drive then it had the proper drivers. The fact that diskpart wouldn't recognize it makes me lean toward it being a dead drive. I've tried all the secrets and tips out there for when this happens and nothing usually works when it comes to a drive being dead. Was this a drive that had data saved on it or just a drive for an OS?
  18. Zulu3475

    SSD Internal Hard Drive "Dead"

    Smooth, Thank you. I will try to look for driver. Cheer
  19. Smooth

    SSD Internal Hard Drive "Dead"

    Does Patroit have any software for this drive? Maybe a firmware update? Could just be dead, But I would go to them and there support pages.
  20. Do you have your Firefox or other browsers set to "only use secure connection" in their settings? This can cause that warning because this site isn't https...
  21. It's working now but has that https warning.
  22. Is this on a PC/laptop or on a phone? I would suggest disabling any sort of adblocking or script-blocking addons and software while using Firefox to access the site and let me know, okay...
  23. Zulu3475

    SSD Internal Hard Drive "Dead"

    Hello All, I have been using Patriot Burst SSD 480GB internal drive for a while. A couple days ago, its disappears no longer show up in Windows 10 Disk Management. CMOS recognized the drive.(without description). I was attempting to reinstall windows and windows showing the drive as allocate drive. it allowed me to allocate the space. But, it will for let me format or install windows. I used diskpart and scanned several time and it does not show the dead SSD drive. I also used several utilities software to detect the dead SSD,. but no luck. I am not sure if there is hope repair SSD. Your guidance is greatly appreciated. MT
  24. trigent

    Keith Jarrett Koln Concert

    There are lots of versions of the this, by other artists on youtube, but I can't find a copy anywhere, of the full concert by Jarrett himself. anyone?
  25. i don't have admin status anymore i invited "Lori.Yagami" to share movie dloads here .

  26. Capt-jack

    Free YouTube Download Premium Multilingual

    File not found!
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  28. ShAmmY1989

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