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    Soon the iPod/Mobile movies Section will be gone and there will be a 4K Movie Section added
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    <<< List of Programs I Use To Make My Computer Run Like King >>> now i wrote this out to a single person, but i thought i would share it with everyone.. i decided todo this, cuz i think it could really be useful to anyone that is a seasoned computer veteran or a new computer newbie.. so here u all go.. look, this is a list of exactly what i use on my main computer for taking care of it, from Anitvirus, to optimizations, to cleaners, to browser, ect.. u my friend, should really mimic it as after multiple yrs of trial and error and over 20+ yrs of computer repair for clients i have it down to a specific science.. so here is my list and again this list is only for care products i use and of course not, all the programs i use on my computer >>> CPU-Z v1.89 - Portable - x86 & x64 (used to monitor your core hardware) HWMonitor v1.40.0 - Portable - x86 & x64 (used to monitor tempatures & fan speeds of ur hardware) Driver Easy Pro v5.6.11.29999 (when used in tandem with Driver Booster, it will find every single driver known) IObit Driver Booster Pro v6.5.0.422 (best known driver program and offers an amazing list of other features to make ur computer better) IOBit Advanced SystemCare Ultimate v12.2.0.130 (best optimizer on the market by far and the Ultimate offers a builtin AV) IObit Malware Fighter Pro v7.1.0.5675 (amazing malware program that offers ransomware protection, along with using bitdefender core) IObit Smart Defrag Pro v6.3.0.229 (IMO best defrag program, plus offers boot defragment and trim options for SSD's) IObit Uninstaller Pro v9.0.0.39 (hands down best uninstaller program ever, plus this version is in beta so no need to crack) Laplink PCmover Pro v11.01.1009.0 (makes exact copy of ur OS, including installed programs.. no other program like this on the market) Macrium Reflect - Workstation Pro v7.2.4325 - x64 (makes a backup of ur OS, that can fix during Boot) Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit Premium v1.13.1.63 (protects against exploiting of ur browser/media programs/java) TrackOFF Standard v4.9.0.25167 (stops tracking of ur online traffic, protecting u from fraudulent attempts) Tweak-SSD v2.0.50 - x86 & x64 (makes ur SSD run at top performance, only needed if ur using a SSD for an OS) Yamicsoft Windows 7 Manager v5.1.9.3 DC 04.03.2019 (best optimizing program on the market) Comodo Firewall v12.0.0.6818 (by far the best firewall on the market even compared to paid programs) IObit Unlocker v1.1.2 (only known program that actually lets u move/delete/unlock files that r locked by the OS) TCPOptimizer v4.1.0 (best program on the market for optimizing ur internet speeds regardless if wired or wireless) Opera GX v60.0.3255.50747 - x64 (best browser for security as it offers a built in VPN and this is the only browser on the market that is design for a gaming environment.. what that means is every other browser on the market can use as much RAM as it wants (no matter what).. im sure u have notice ur browser, which ever one u use, after opening 3+ tabs it uses a ridiculous amount of RAM.. well this browser lets u set how much RAM and CPU usage it is allowed to use (puts the power back in ur hands and not in the programs).. so regardless if ur a gamer or not, it still is the best one to use.. im using it now and ive never been more impressed with a browser ever and ive used every browser on the market from chrome, firefox, brave, maxthon, edge, etc.) there it is.. with this core set of programs my computer is quite literally fort knox and runs at super high speeds, never lags and i seriously have zero problems ever.. just a heads up on this one, u should really adopt it.. i mean unless of course u like computer headaches and frustration from a sloppy system that has memory problems and invasion for malware, just sayin.. if u need any help finding any of these programs just let me know.. some of these programs u r using already, some r paid that need to be cracked of course and some r free.. talk to u soon, my friend..
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    Use this site to find everything I would start with something like this. https://pcpartpicker.com/ Component Selection Base Promo Shipping Tax Price Where CPU Intel Core i9-9900K 3.6 GHz 8-Core Processor $479.00 $479.00 Buy CPU Cooler ARCTIC Freezer 12 CPU Cooler $25.99 $25.99 Buy Motherboard Asus TUF Z390M-PRO GAMING (WI-FI) Micro ATX LGA1151 Motherboard $172.60 $172.60 Buy Memory Kingston HyperX Predator 32 GB (2 x 16 GB) DDR4-3000 Memory $178.99 $2.99 $181.98 Buy Add Additional Memory Storage Samsung 970 Evo Plus 500 GB M.2-2280 NVME Solid State Drive $117.41 $117.41 Buy Add Additional Storage Video Card Asus GeForce GTX 1070 8 GB STRIX Video Card $699.99 $699.99 Buy
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    hay there sorry for the waiting butt y first testet it it schout work fine now here you go greetz FileBot.rar
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    Opera launches Opera GX, world's first gaming browser Opera GX released in early access; currently only available for Windows users. Today, Opera Software, the company behind the Opera browser, launched a custom version of its browser dedicated to online gamers and streamers. Named Opera GX, the browser comes with dedicated features that let users limit the browser's access to computer resources such as CPU (processor) and RAM (memory). The idea is to provide gamers with a way to navigate the web while leaving resources available for games or streaming applications that the gamer might also be running at the same time. "Running a game might require a lot of effort from your machine. Even more so if you are streaming while you play," said Maciej Kocemba, product director of Opera GX. "Before Opera GX, gamers often shut down their browsers to not slow down their gaming experience. We came up with the GX Control feature to make people's games run more smoothly without requiring them to compromise on what they do on the Web." Besides the GX Control Panel that lets users manage CPU and RAM usage limits, Opera GX also comes with Twitch integration, meaning users can log into their Twitch accounts via the browser's sidebar. Logging into services via the sidebar has been a long-standing Opera feature, but until now, it only supported services such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, VK, and Telegram. In addition, the Opera GX browser will also sport a new design that uses neon-like highlights for the browser's main UI elements. The neon highlights are customizable, and users can witch from the standard red to another highlight color of their choice. Further, the Opera GX team has also added gaming-inspired sound effects to the browser interface, which can be turned off, if annoying, which they'll most likely get at one point or another. And last but not least, since this is a browser for online gamers and streamers, the browser's default news and start page links have also been customized to include any gamer's favorite destinations, such as Twitch, YouTube, Discord, and gaming-focused news sites. Overall, Opera GX includes all the features present in Opera's main desktop browser, currently used by over 65 million users. This includes its built-in ad blocker, support for detachable video popups, and a built-in VPN. Because Opera GX is basically a cooler version of the standard Opera distribution, this also means there's no downgrade when switching to Opera's new release. Coupled with the addition of a CPU and RAM limiter, Opera GX has the potential of drawing not only Opera users, but users from other browser vendors as well. Opera GX is currently in early access, and only available for download for Windows users.
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    Hello everyone, I'm Jeff and happy to be a member here. Thanks for approving me. Greetings
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    Hi guys im looking for PC Doctor or any diagnostics software. Please private me link.
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    The best bang for my buck I would say
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    Murphy's Laws of Love All the good ones are taken. If the person isn't taken, there's a reason. (corr. to 1) The nicer someone is, the farther away (s)he is from you. Brains * Beauty * Availability = Constant. The amount of love someone feels for you is inversely proportional to how much you love them. Money can't buy love, but it sure gets you a great bargaining position. The best things in the world are free --- and worth every penny of it. Every kind action has a not-so-kind reaction. Nice guys (girls) finish last. If it seems too good to be true, it probably is. Availability is a function of time. The minute you get interested is the minute they find someone else. Before falling in love do take your backup, it always helps in recovery. If it seems perfect today, tomorrow it will end. The difference between love and the common cold is that for the common cold there is a vaccine. It's always the quiet ones that have the two dozen corpses in their basements. You don't fall in love, you fall in a hole. The depth of the hole is proportionate to how oblivious you are of the fall. Being honest with someone will always turn that person into an enemy. It is better to be looked over than overlooked.
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    Is this the 'perfect' wildlife photo? Bald Eagle. Photo: Kevin Ebi. Professional Honourable Mention: A bald eagle and red fox tussle over a rabbit in San Juan Island national historical park, Washington. 2019 An eagle carrying a rabbit 'carrying' a fox, a red-winged black bird's inspired song and a sage-grouse bird battle are among the exceptional photos that won Audubon's Photography Awards for 2019. The winning images were selected from more than 2,200 entries from the United States and Canada and are an exceptional show of the wonder and beauty of birds. "Birds make fascinating subjects, as the winners and honourable mentions of this year’s contest make clear," the organisers explain. "They’re at once beautiful and resilient, complex and comical. It's no wonder why we love them so."
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    Elizabeth Taylor's "Green Goddess" Rolls-Royce is going on sale at a New York auction. Synonymous with Hollywood glamour and style, Elizabeth Taylor's life off-screen became as famed as her on-screen exploits. Now, the Oscar-winning star's custom-built convertible car, nicknamed "the Green Goddess" is expected to fetch up to $2 million at a New York auction. According to New York auction house Guernsey's, which will host the sale next week, Taylor ordered the Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud II Drophead following her marriage to singer Eddie Fisher. The car was painted a unique shade of "smoke green" at her request - a shade to match the green wedding dress she wore to marry Fisher. Known by her fans as the "Green Goddess", the car was delivered to The Pierre Hotel, where Taylor was living in New York, at Christmas. In 1962 Taylor travelled to Rome to start filming for the big-budget epic "Cleopatra", where she was cast in the starring role -- travelling with husband Fisher and "the Green Goddess" in tow. On the set of "Cleopatra", Taylor began a love affair with co-star Richard Burton; according to Guernsey's, Burton was spotted driving the car on several occasions in 1963. A year later, Taylor divorced Fisher and married Burton in what would become one of Hollywood's most tumultuous romances. She kept the car for around 20 years, before taking out an advert in the Wall Street Journal to sell the vehicle. Bought and kept by a Californian fan for four decades, the car, which has been refurbished with a new top and leather seats, has only 40,000 miles on the clock, and "drives as a Silver Cloud should," according to Guernsey's. On August 6th, at 7:30 p.m. EST, Guernsey’s will offer the Rolls-Royce for sale during a two-vehicle auction. With fewer than 40,000 miles on its odometer and in fine working condition, the Rolls-Royce—were it not previously owned and commissioned by Elizabeth Taylor, might sell for $600,00. Because of its Hollywood provenance, however, this rare and indisputable one-of-a-kind drophead coupe is estimated to command as much as $2 million when it rolls across the block.
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    I found funny the tale in Discovery Channel about coconuts killing more people than sharks... but who is actually interested about documentaries on coconuts!
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    You said "$K" -- you meant "4K", right?
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    Sorry I'm Not Going to Watch that Movie
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    Ok I will look and see what I can find my Good Friend
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    Just Fan cooled. I will open it up and blow out my fans. Need to do that every once in a while. See if that cools it down a hair
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    That's one hell of a computer................ well done. I recently built my current computer saving up for each part purchasing and waiting until I had all the parts need and then built it. I ended up with a faulty power supply which was replaced under warranty but it fried my motherboard so had to replace that too. This time round I picked the components on my own instead of going with a shop recommendation. will list components when I've got a bit of time lol...