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    Hello All I'm having trouble getting the pro version of IObit Malware Fighter Pro 7.4 I followed the instructions from earlier versions and everything went to task. However, this isn't the case at the moment and I'm confused on what I did incorrectly. What I did: Uninstall and deleted the folder, re-installed "Malware.Fighter.7.4.0" didn't launch or run (it open automatically) Open task manager by pressing CTRL + Shift + Esc and end all IObit\Malware Fighter process, one by one. Copy the "Patch-IObit.Malware.Fighter.Pro.6.x-Astron.exe" file from the Patch-Astron folder and paste into the "IObit Malware Fighter" folder. Look in C:\Program Files” or “C:\Program Files (x86)” Right click the mouse button on "Patch-IObit.Malware.Fighter.Pro.6.x-Astron.exe" file and choose "Run as administrator" and click the mouse button, this will run the program and patch the "Malware Fighter.exe" file. Ran the application from the shortcut on the desktop, this has new been patch. Then I get that pop reboot box in which it just goes back to free once rebooted. So if there is something I missed or is new for this version on Malware Fighter Pro please inform me. Thanks in advance
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    have to see if i can report down links, clean site like it
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    Hang Gliding Hillbilly You don’t see too many people hang-gliding deep down in Kentucky, but Ol’ John Hickory decided to save up and get a hang glider. He took his new toy to the highest mountain and readied to take flight. After a taking a few deep breaths, John took off running and when he reached the edge he sailed off into the wind. Meanwhile, Maw and Paw were sitting on their porch swing, talking about the good ol’ days. That’s when maw spotted the biggest bird she had ever seen! Maw pointed to the sky and said, “Look at the size of that bird, Paw!” As he stood to his feet, Paw said, “Git me my gun, Maw.” After briefly running into the house, Maw brought Paw his pump action shotgun. He took careful aim before taking his shot, then BLAM! The monster bird continued to sail silently over the tree tops. With a look of concern, Maw said, “I think ya missed him, Paw.” “Yeah,” replied Paw, “but at least he let go of Ol’ John!”
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    First Aid “You’re late!” sneered the manager to his blonde secretary. “It was awful,” she explained. “I was walking to work down Elm street and there was a terrible accident. A man was thrown from his car and he was lying in the middle of the street. His leg was broken, his skull was fractured, and there was blood everywhere. Thank God I took that first aid course.” “What did you do?” asked the manager. “I sat down and put my head between my knees to stop myself from fainting.”
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    Say Grace Karen invited some friends to dinner. At the table, she turned to her six-year-old daughter and said, “Would you like to say grace?” The little girl fumbled a bit and said, “I wouldn’t know what to say, Mommy.” “Just say a prayer that you’ve heard me say before,” said the mother. The girl thought for a minute, then bowed her head and said: “Lord, why on earth did I invite all these people to dinner?”
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    Microsoft’s full-screen Windows 7 upgrade prompts start next month Windows 7 end of support is January 14th, 2020 This week Patch for the month of December, which means that Windows 7 has exactly one update left before its end of support. Microsoft has been notifying Windows 7 users about January’s end of support throughout 2019. Now, the company is making its notification prompts even bigger, as full-screen pop-ups to warn about the end of life of Windows 7. The full-screen notification will warn that “your Windows 7 PC is out of support,” and it will start appearing on January 15th, the day after support ends. Microsoft will warn Windows 7 users who haven’t upgraded that PCs are “more vulnerable to viruses and malware” due to a lack of security and software updates and no tech support. There will be three options to dismiss the message, including the ability to remind later, learn more, or don’t remind again. The full-screen prompt will remain on the screen until a Windows 7 user has interacted with it. Windows 7 support will end on January 14th, 2020, and Microsoft has been promoting Windows 10 as the main upgrade path for businesses and consumers. Windows 10 passed Windows 7 in market share earlier this year, and Microsoft’s latest operating system is now set to hit 1 billion devices next year. Microsoft will support Enterprises and small businesses who sign up for Extended Security Updates until January 2023 with security updates. A method was discovered recently to install these patches on Home devices running Windows 7 but it is too early to tell whether it will remain an option after support ends officially. Third-party Patch plans to release some patches for Windows 7 for free as well. The full-screen notification is part of this month's Patch Tuesday update, so if you don't want to see it after January 14, your only option is to not install the update and become unsecure a month early, which probably isn't a big deal if you're willing to run an unsecure PC a month from now. Disable the Windows 7 end of support popup Use Windows-R to open the Run box. Type regedit to start the Registry Editor. If an UAC prompt is displayed, confirm it. Navigate to the following path: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\EOSNotify If the Dword value DiscontinueEOS is listed under EOSNotify, double-click it and set its value to 1. If it is not yet, create the value (right-click on EOSNotify, select New >Dword (32-bit) Value). Selecting "don't remind me again" will set the DiscontinueEOS value to 1.
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    Sorry no one replied earlier ... First off, MS Word is generally NOT posted by itself, so it you're looking just for that, you're out of luck. Second, you can generally find recent versions of MS Office, either 2019 or 365, in the Windows --> Applications section and those generally also come with an embedded activator tool which you will then have to use after installing Office. And unfortunately, those versions generally do NOT provide the option to select which MS Office component you want to install, so you usually end up installing ALL of it.
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    Hey uk666 I don't get that option to untick anything below is a screenshot once installation is completed Afterward if I click the x at the top right corner it will launch Also In pro version when I activate Anti-randsomeware engine and bitdefender engine it updates then closes then open again to free ware.
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    MEmu v7.0.5 Android Emulator | Size 324 MB Release Date : 2019 Languages : English / Multilanguage Operating System : Windows XP / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 8.1 / Windows 10 System Type : 32-bit / 64-bit MEmu - one of the best Android emulators for PC, allows you to play games for Android on the big screen using the keyboard and mouse. The program allows you to run Android applications on a computer or laptop, while the emulated device in terms of performance in games will run faster than current flagship smartphones and tablets. Work in this emulator completely repeats the work with the tablet on Android, including the settings of Android itself and allows you to play powerful games without “lags”! Games run and work smartly, no problem. If you want to test a game or any Android-based application, now you can do it on a PC, just install MEmu and you will be happy. Using MEmu, you can: Have fun playing Android games on PC It is more convenient to communicate using the keyboard in WhatsApp, WeChat, etc. Watch TV channels Run emulator in 10 seconds Capabilities: ------------- MEmu works on all devices with Windows (PC, laptop, 2 in 1 devices, tablets), and also, which is important and recently relevant for many, it works without problems in Windows 10. Full support for Android with an elegant desktop, as well as convenient buttons for screenshots, shaking, changing the screen orientation, cleaning the memory, adjusting the volume. File sharing between Windows and Android. MEmu allows you to use shared folders for Music, Video, Photos and Downloads. Root rights: the virtual device is already rooted, the Superuser is installed, if someone needs it. Management can be carried out with a mouse, keyboard or even a joystick. The default zoom is F2 / F3 or the mouse wheel while holding down the Ctrl key. Flexible settings (CPU, memory capacity, resolution, device model, navigation panel, root mode, etc.). Allows you to install applications from APK files and from the Play Market store, with synchronization with your mobile device (you need a Google account). Quick install by drag and drop. "Sharpened" specifically for Android games. Demonstrates high FPS performance even in the most demanding gaming projects. Keyboard / joystick key binding for greater convenience in games. You can bind the PC keyboard to certain actions on the virtual device: use for controlling AWDS, cursor for shooting, gravity sensor, etc. Data transfer from sensors (for example, an accelerometer) to Android, so you can conveniently play car racing. Simulation of GPS position. You can simulate GPS data directly on the map - all this is available in the emulator settings, which are called up by the corresponding button in the side panel. Create / clone / delete Android system in one click - you can run multiple instances of Android at the same time. Window scaling on the fly, selection of screen resolution (up to full screen). Remembering the size and position of all copies of MEmu. Record and play macros to facilitate routine actions in games. Video recording, built-in to the application interface, from the emulator screen. Includes a screenshot tool. https://rapidgator.net/file/62d619147674b355aea1bc3caa4ecb44/MEmu.v7.0.5.rar.html
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    I use Bitdefender. I downloaded this file 'just in case'. Thank you for the post!