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    Great magazine site http://downmagaz.ws
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    Want to own a piece of Russell Crowe's movie history? Over the course of Russell Crowe’s marriage to Danielle Spencer, the actor accumulated a lot of stuff, and now that they are about to be officially divorced, he is putting a lot of it up for sale. Actor Russell Crowe is holding his "Art of Divorce" auction - a sort of parting of the wares - in Sydney. He separated from singer Danielle Spencer in 2012. There's armour from Gladiator, memorabilia from Master and Commander, guitars, top notch Australian art and his neo-Nazi boots from Romper Stomper. Saturday's sale at Sotheby's is expected to fetch about $2.3m (£1.6m). The Australian actor says the sale is all about moving on - a "watershed moment". The Gladiator "stuff" is be a real pull - a replica Roman chariot, armour, weapons and two life-size prop horses. But the biggest prices could be for the: Master and Commander The Far Side of the World violin A 1986 Grammy Award for Johnny Cash. There are also important paintings by some of Australia's most significant historic and modern artists, including Sidney Nolan and Margaret Olley. For those with a lower budget, maybe a scarf and a pair of old shoes from State of Play or one of the numerous guitars he's collected (his band 30 Odd Foot of Grunts never won much critical acclaim). Other "stuff" among the 227 lots: A Merc used on his wedding day in 2003 A Shane Warne Test jersey Cloth angel doll from The Sum of Us Jockstrap and other memorabilia from the Cinderella Man Leather sketchbook from 3:10 to Yuma On April 7, Sotheby’s will host the sale of Crowe’s belongings, and it’s actually called “The Art of Divorce,” which is the same date as both Crowe’s birthday and the anniversary of his wedding. Catalogue: https://www.sothebysaustralia.com.au/catalogue/AU0822
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    An absolutely great magazine site. Has got among all, more computer tech magazines then I can ever read. Only should update the URL, to avoid some wait while it is redirectioned. https://downmagaz.com Just should note that novafile.com hoster returns a server error: second link is to turbobit, which somehow, each time I try to get a download, makes me to wait 10 minutes notifying me that "You have reached the limit of connections from your IP range" After I wait the 10 minute countdown... I get the same note again... and again... So after waiting 30 minutes, I got nothing but the same warning again. Actually last time I'd connected succesfully to turbobit was about a week ago and I doubt that there are so much eventual turbobit downloaders from my DNS IP range... so looks this is a particular issue of turbobit is with my ISP.
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    I must have been on Pluto to long But I think this is one Hot Zombie