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    Thanks for doing that. I already have it, just thought it was a good idea to try to get everybody helping (not just newbies)
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    Report Dead Links - Instructions with LinkChecker Us CyberPhoenix Staff use a Linkchecker to help with finding dead links This can help you by not clicking a link and then find out it is Dead - You can also be a Big help and Report that Post that has a Dead Link When you Report a Post, Please put in the Comment why you are Reporting (Post has Dead Link) I have to Give a Big Thank You to w.a.r. I use FireFox and Opera browser, But here are the instructions for Chrome also 1st: You will need a LinkChecker add-on for your Browser I Like Violentmonkey, But you can use Tampermonkey or Greasemonkey (These instruction below say Greasemonkey, But they are about the same for Violentmonkey and Tampermonkey) Violentmonkey For Chrome Browser - Violentmonkey Violentmonkey For Firefox Browser - Violentmonkey For Opera Browser you will need - Install Chrome Extensions - This has to be done because Opera doesn't want to go though all the code, But Google did to Verify Violentmonkey For Opera Browser - Violentmonkey ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Greasemonkey For Chrome Browser - Not Available Greasemonkey For Firefox Browser - Greasemonkey Greasemonkey For Opera Browser - Not Available Tampermonkey For Chrome Browser - Tampermonkey Tampermonkey For Firefox Browser - Tampermonkey Tampermonkey For Opera Browser - Tampermonkey After you get Violentmonkey or Tampermonkey or Greasemonkey Add-On installed in your Browser (Only Install 1 of them) Then you will need to add a Script to the LinkChecker, So the Add-On knows what to look for We here at CyberPhoenix Love W.A.R. Links Checker Premium 1. To get W.A.R Links Checker Premium go to it's Homepage and click on the install button. http://usa.x10host.com/mybb/showthread.php?tid=23 Automatically checks links from hundreds of file hosts.Live Links show greenDead Links show redPremium Only Links show pinkTemporary Unavailable Links show yellow When the Greasemonkey pop-up asks to install the script click install After installing you need to open the configuration window and enable the hosts, for firefox Open the configuration window by hitting CTRL+ALT+C on the keyboard or from the Greasemonkey drop down list (I just click Greasemonkey and use the drop down list) W.A.R. Links Checker Premium is now installed.2. Configuration: After installing you need to configure the script before it will work.Opening the configuration window, there is 2 ways to do this...Hit the CTRL+ALT+C keys on your keyboard all at the same time.orOpen the configuration window with the greasemonkey dropdown menu1..click the greasemonkey icon2.. click on user script commands3.. click on [W.A.R. Links Checker] Configuration Configuration window.This window Is where you will select the settings to setup the script.Filehostings Tab:Here is a list of all the file hosts that the script can check.you need to enable the hosts you want the script to check by putting a check in the box next to the host(s) name, You can select only the hosts you want or just click the select all tab to select all hosts. Near the bottom of the host list is a section for Obsolete hosts (hosts that no longer exist) If you put a check in the box it will mark any links from those obsolete hosts as dead links, If un-checked the links will not be marked at all. Containers Tab:This is the list of hosts that are used to have a single link to a file page but on that page there are links to many different file hosts, You enable these hosts the same way as the ones in the Filehostings Tab.NOTE: I am no longer supporting these kinds of hosts in the script so some of these work and some don't. If you want the Script to be able to Automatically Update when new versions come out for Firefox go to Greasemonkey options and make sure the require secure updates box is un-ckecked
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    2018 European Stone Stacking Championship The competition taking place in Dunbar, Scotland, UK. Is one of Europe’s largest championships for stone stacking and balancing artists. Competition winner, Pedro Duran from Spain, balances his stones.
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    If you have a problem, Please post it here and I will do all I can to help you
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    To check to see if your Version of W.A.R. Links Checker Premium is the latest version and also to see the the update info http://usa.x10host.com/mybb/showthread.php?tid=31&page=22 Now I picked the last page, But as more updates come you will have to go to the last page
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    After you get Violentmonkey or Tampermonkey or Greasemonkey Add-On installed in your Browser (Only Install 1 of them) And W.A.R. Links Checker Premium installed and did the Configuration, Then go to a post you like and look at the Download Links and you should see this:
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    I'm a poor lonesome cow-boy from Belgium