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    Canada Pension Office Having reached the age of 62, I went to apply for Canada Pension last week. After waiting in line for a very long time, I finally got to the counter. The woman there asked me for my driver's license to verify my age. I looked in my pockets and realized, to my great dismay, that I had left my wallet on the nightstand in my bedroom. I told the woman that I was very sorry, but I seemed to have left my wallet at home. "I'll have to go get it and come back later," I said. At that point, she said to me, "Unbutton your shirt." I was confused, but I opened my shirt, revealing lots of curly silver hair. She said, "That silver hair on your chest is proof enough for me," and, with that, she promptly processed my application. When I got home, I couldn't wait to tell my wife about my experience at the Canada Pension Office. She listened to my whole story and then said, "You should have dropped your pants, and you might have gotten disability, too."
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    Snuffy the Seal pays dearly in ‘Shark Week’ promo Campaign opens with a spectacular, albeit fictitious, attack on rehabilitated mammal—advertising genius or poor taste? The Discovery Channel has begun to promote “Shark Week,” and it has done so spectacularly—at the expense of poor Snuffy the Seal. The accompanying video marks the beginning of Discovery’s ad campaign for the popular series, which airs Aug. 4 to Aug. 9. Watch and decide for yourself whether the footage is horrifying, hilarious, or mildly amusing. The story, of course, is fictitious. There is no Snuffy and the news station covering the rehabilitated seal’s release does not exist. But the drama works perfectly for the theme: “Shark Week. It’s a Bad Week to Be a Seal.” Writes Business Insider: “The ad is shocking, awesome, and effectively getting fans pumped up for Aug. 4.” The Drum points out that “Snuffy the Seal” was trending on Twitter after the release of the ad. One of the tweets, via Conner Morris (@ConnerSaurusRex): “I’ve been an emotional basket case ever since I saw that shark kill Snuffy the Seal.” Another described the footage as “advertising genius at its finest,” and we’re sure many will agree.
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    I saw the flag! It must mean I'm blind to everything!
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    What You See First In This Image Reveals The Very Worst Thing About You Here is how this test works: Look at the image below and pay attention to what catches your eye first. Now, read about how what you saw first reveals the absolutely worst thing about you. Here is what it means if you saw... 1. The face with the moustache If the first thing you saw was the face with the moustache, the worst thing about you is your pride. You have always been confident, and that's absolutely awesome. You've been raised to believe in yourself and you make it a point always to do just that. It's good to be confident, but it's bad to think that you always have the answers in every situation and that your take is the only take. If you want to connect with people and make the most of the world around you, think before you speak and don't assume your way is the only way. 2. The man with the lute (string instrument) If the first thing you saw was the man with the lute, the worst thing about you is your temper. You might think that you excel at keeping your cool and not letting anything get to you, but that couldn't be further from the truth. In fact, even when you silently flip your lid, you manage to exude a hostile energy that keeps everyone away from you. Everyone gets angry sometimes — anger is, after all, a totally normal human emotion. But if you want to address your anger issues, you'll need to do some deep soul searching. Many of the things that make you angry are things that don't merit the level of response you give them. Next time, instead of stewing, try going for a walk. 3. The hanging baskets If the first thing you saw was the hanging baskets, the worst thing about you is your sense of humour. I'm so sorry to have to be the one to tell you this, but those jokes you love and that you're always telling? They are just not funny, and people are laughing because they don't want to hurt your feelings. It's not that you are not a funny person, but your insistence on telling jokes that people usually hear from their socially awkward uncle is just downright bizarre. Be yourself and get away from that ancient material. The funny will come on its own. 4. The sword If the first thing you saw was the sword, the worst thing about you is your verbal prowess. That's right, I bet you didn't think that being born with a silver tongue could be a curse, but it absolutely is. Because you don't always use yours for good. You use words to fight, to get you out of jams, and in a myriad of other shifty ways. If you want to change your smooth-tongued ways, try doing less talking and more listening. If you listen to the words of others you might learn that you don't need to verbally dazzle or stun someone to make a meaningful impact on their lives. What did you see first in Image? Drop them below.
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    Swiss Town Replaces Church Bells With Ringtones, Ushers in Hell on Earth While the local catholic church and its bell tower undergo renovations in Lucerne, a small town in Switzerland, the city reached out to students at the nearby university to help find a replacement for the hourly chimes that are now silenced. Their solution? Blast out the sounds of a smartphone’s ringtones instead, the BBC reports. It originally started out as a joke, but thanks to two art students from the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences, St. Peter’s Chapel now plays ringtones throughout the day—that includes the iPhone’s highly recognisable Marimba chime, which must have the town’s 80,000-plus residents instinctively reaching for their phones to make sure they’re not missing a call. To ensure residents and tourists aren’t driven completely mad by the art project, the ringtones will only sound until 31 July. There’s no word on whether the church’s bells will ring once again starting in August, or if the locals will be subjected to other artistic alternatives until the renovations are complete.
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    Can You Solve These Four Riddles? Answer: Answer: Answer: Answer: Did you solve all four riddles? Tell us in the section below!
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    lol right.. i got at least one correct.. the juice cup one was cake..
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    yeah i luv that commercial its classic hilarious..
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    What's going on with Microsoft's Surface Andromeda device? Recent Andromeda rumors spanning from delays to hardware overhauls, to outright cancelations have been making the rounds online. Let's try to make sense of it all. The last couple of weeks have been rife with speculation surrounding Microsoft's mythical Andromeda device, with recent rumors suggesting Microsoft is close to pulling the plug on its dual-screen mobile handset — understandably throwing optimists and die-hard fans into a panic. Everything from delays to significant hardware changes, to outright cancelations, have been spotted on the rumor mill as of late. So what's really going on? I've been doing some digging to try and clarify some of the recent rumours reported by several news outlets, to see if we can make better sense of the situation. Tech News Women Mary-Jo Foley recently wrote a bit about Andromeda and revealed that Microsoft has decided to delay its release to next year, and is also seriously considering canceling the device altogether. This news caught many off guard because just a few days beforehand The Verge had written a somewhat positive article that revealed internal emails describing the Andromeda project itself. Unfortunately, it is believed that the leaked emails in question are months old, from back when Terry Myerson was still in charge. Many believe that now Myerson is out, Andromeda won't ever see the light of day, which is entirely possible of course. However, I was able to confirm recently on the Windows Podcast that Andromeda is still alive and kicking internally, with the only bad news being that its planned release date has indeed been pushed back to next year. Why the delay? The question now is why? Well, according to my sources, Microsoft has decided to push back Andromeda's release to give itself more time to improve both the hardware and software. There are a whole lot of moving parts involved when it comes to Andromeda, as it's being built alongside a custom version of Windows 10 specifically for the device and form-factor itself, similar to Surface Hub and HoloLens. The Andromeda device runs an experience tailored for its unique form-factor, which is built on top of Windows Core OS. This tailored experience is known as Andromeda OS and includes no legacy UIs and bloat. Microsoft is doing the exact same thing with Surface Hub 2, which also runs a custom tailored version of Windows Core OS known as Aruba and built specifically for that large collaborative device form factor. Therefore, it's important to stress that Andromeda OS is unlike any version of Windows 10 available on the market today; it's an entirely new Windows OS experience powered by CShell that's built from the ground up for mobile dual-screened multitasking. Because of this, Microsoft needs more time to ensure the OS is well-baked. Microsoft also needs more time to improve the app-gap on Andromeda, which is another cited reason for its delay. If Microsoft were to release Andromeda this year, it would do so with a platform that has more missing apps than Windows 10 Mobile did. One of the things Microsoft is doing to help combat the app problem is embracing PWAs (Progressive Web Apps.) It's even built a bot that will automatically add PWAs to the Microsoft Store without developers having to submit them first. Of course, PWAs won't solve everything, but they should be able to step in for the most popular apps and services like Twitter, Uber, and even Spotify if it chooses. The delay gives Microsoft more time to get PWAs into the Store, and I hear Microsoft is going to use this extra time also to improve the Edge engine so that PWAs perform better and eat less battery life. It probably goes without saying that UWP is also something Microsoft is actively pushing on Andromeda, and apps like WhatsApp are a possible contender for this, but progress on the UWP front is slow, hence the focus on PWAs. Furthermore, I'm told there are other ideas that the company is also considering to help improve the app situation on Andromeda, but I'm still digging for information on that. For now, we know that Microsoft is betting big on PWA, and rightly so. What about the hardware? I've seen a few rumors claim that the delay is related to hardware, with some reports suggesting that Microsoft is planning to rethink the device and even change its form-factor a bit. According to my sources, however, Microsoft is not planning to drastically change its form factor. The delay is primarily software related, as the hardware itself was more or less good to go for an October release. The delay now means Microsoft has more time to "fine-tune" the hardware, and maybe even slip in a newer processor, depending on whether Andromeda's release lines up with Snapdragons processor roadmap of course. I understand that the latest Andromeda prototypes use Snapdragon 845/850 processors, but now Andromeda is coming later, those chips may be old by the time Microsoft is ready to launch the device. It's worth noting that early Andromeda prototypes used a Snapdragon 835 processor, which was later switched out for the 845. So, Andromeda has already gone through one processor switch internally before, meaning it's not hard to imagine the device going through another one if needs be. A more powerful, optimized ARM chip is never a bad thing. It's also not uncommon for a device to go through several iterations throughout development. Putting in a newer processor may require the company to rework some of the internals, but outside of that, I have not heard of any plans to dramatically change up the form-factor itself. It should still be a pocketable, pen-orientated foldable device with telephony when it ships. So when is it coming? The biggest question now is when can we expect it to show up? The simple, unexciting answer is "when it's ready." Windows development has changed quite a bit since the old days, and deadlines aren't as strict as they used to be. How it works now is engineers working on software features will have a set deadline for a future release of Windows 10, let's say RS5 for example. This usually happens several months to a year or so before that release is expected to ship. This gives engineers time to build out a feature, but if the engineers find that they are unable to complete the feature in time, they can just push it back to the release coming afterward. So in our example, said feature is pushed back to RS6, and the team working on it now have an extra six months to complete it. This cycle repeats until the feature is good enough to ship. This is exactly what's happening with Windows Sets, in fact. This is partly why Microsoft is committed to two updates a year as it allows Microsoft to get features out sooner after they get pushed back. The software delay for Andromeda is with Andromeda OS, which simply won't be ready in time for RS5 now. So, that means Microsoft's next port of call for Andromeda is RS6 (known as 19H1) in the Spring of next year. Even then, Microsoft may decide to hold on releasing it until the fall of 2019, alongside RS7 (known as 19H2) giving the company even longer to make sure everything is good to go and maybe even slip in that newer processor. It's not plain sailing Of course, if you've been following along with our Andromeda coverage since last year, you'll know that the possibility of Microsoft killing Andromeda is never far away. As of today, work continues on Andromeda as normal, but that doesn't mean it's plain sailing from here until it ships. Microsoft may pull the plug at any time, as is the nature of internal development. We also still don't really know who this device is going to be for, and that's because we don't know its full feature-set yet. Who Andromeda is for is going to depend heavily on what it can do. If Microsoft can improve the app-gap, then buying Andromeda is going to evolve primarily around its capabilities, on both the software and hardware front. Hopefully we'll learn more about what it can do in the near future, but for now who Andromeda is aimed at remains a big mystery. In short, Microsoft has delayed its Andromeda device to ensure a better product when it ships. All of the people I've spoken to on the subject agree that delaying Andromeda is nothing but a good thing. It just sucks that we're going to have to wait even longer before we get to see it for real. In the meantime, what are your thoughts on Microsoft's Andromeda project? Let us know in the comments!
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    It worked like a charm! Hell yeah, will do!
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    Well I tell you this: I'm Not a Complete Idiot