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    Multihoster8 https://www.multihoster8.com/ Multihoster8 provides multi-hosting share service for more than 100+ different file hosts. Try now for free the service. Rapidgator Uploaded Keep2share Nitroflare Icerbox Turbobit wait for you. Take now these special offers. After register, click coupon page. - Fill the code FREETRAFFIC3GB and get 3 GB for free. - Fill the code HAPPY2019 and after paying, your selected plan will be credited double. if you buy 100GB you get 200GB. if you buy 30 days you get 60 days... We definitely recommend the program JDownloader, Downloading this program is free. You get a lot of features such as the ability to interrupt at any time in the future to resume downloading, one click directly from the site Multihoster8.com or useful accessories such as auto-expanding archive after download is complete. Multihoster8 offers a wide range of bigest hosts to choose from. If you choose to register to our website: you will have an access to 100+ file hosting servers,have an optimal downloading speed with their high-speed bandwidth servers, it's compatible with many browsers due to available plug-ins. Multihoster8 offered with SSL so users can bypass firewalls that may prevent from accessing any site and you also allow you to download in SSL, users’ download will be encrypted and any attempt to identify the file is impossible. If you have any questions or issues, you will be able to find support in their discussion board. With Multihoster8, all you need is one account. The payment methods are reliable and flexible.All personal information especially payment details are kept private and secure . So if a user is not satisfied with the service, they can be assured that their money will be refunded. Their customer support representatives can easily be reached and provide quality service. Moreover, they have a Money-Back Guarantee. You can pay by paypal,paysafecard,visa,mastercard,alipay and other popular payment methods... We wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2019.
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    Loft Three guys are golfing with the club pro. First guy tees off and hits a dibbler 60 yards. He turns to the pro and asked "what did I do wrong?" " Loft" replied the pro. The next guy tees of and hits a duck hook into the woods. He asked "What did I do wrong?" The pro replied "Loft". The third guy tees off and hits a slice into the pond. He also turned to the pro and asked "What did I do wrong?" Again, the answer came back "Loft" As they were all walking down the fairway towards their balls the first guy decided to speak up. The three of us all hit different shots and when we asked what we we had done wrong, on each occasion you gave exactly the same reply. What is "Loft?' The pro replied "LACK OF F***ING TALENT"
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    I've used All-Debrid in the past, Zevera I still use and I've used Multihoster8 recently and found they weren't bad at all and given there's 3Gb free that makes it worth the trial. I used to have trouble with All-Debrid at times because they would get hammered but there was only a few around then. I think this is another thing that depends on your location and who you're downloading off. I have found Multihoster8 is real good with RG being that is the most used hoster IMHO. Not My site aabee, I just wanted to share the discount with those interested, I don't even benefit from it if anyone signs up just wanted to share because I've had a good experience with them...
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    what do u use neo?? after reading all of the actual reviews and comments on the major of MultiHoster sites and cost.. i think the majority or 90% of a fileshare links on every warez sites out there is RapidGator.. i think if i was gunna spend the money, id feel saver just purchasing a RapidGator premium account.. just IMO..
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    this rated pretty piss poor, compared to others.. check this site for rating comparisons.. https://multihostersreview.com/premium-link-generators/ these ones below, rated 5/5 stars >>> https://multihostersreview.com/hubturkey-reviews/ https://multihostersreview.com/rehost-reviews/ https://multihostersreview.com/mega-debrid-reviews/
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    so i don't need premium accounts at any of these fileshare sites.. i just need to pay this site and i can download through them, as if i was a premium user at say rapidgator or turbobit?? if that's the case, that is a pretty stellar deal.. let me know if that is the case neo, thank u bro..
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    that's just weird, now it's working.. i wonder why it gave me that 404 error before?? thank u for the great link share neo..
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    Working for Me without a glitch