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    Hello ShAmmy1989, Yea Uranus doesn't like us on Pluto to fly in there space so I would have to wait until the Planets un-aline I've seen and heard alot about Canada and that is a Pretty Country, But I hear it can get cold, But at least not as cold as Pluto Just so you know Raedwulf is in the middle of moving, So it might be a few until he can reply to this post
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    @Tech 425 Great Idea but dont leave Pluto because Pluto people need Geek like you Hey @Rædwulf I am planing to move to Canada from middle east so i just want some help regarding my PR if you can help me on that please inbox me
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    What sort of info are you looking for, my friend? I maybe able to sort you out. You never know...
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    I'm not, But I can leave Pluto and get there
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    PM me if you can't see my post in the Operating System section if you would like Pro
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    I fully agree with uk666 as that is the best on the market for pure reliability and ease of use. Nice recommendation uk666, cheers mate...