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    Ok, with a little poke around I found IObit Driver Booster Pro with Patch was released 6 days ago, I haven't yet come across any other iobit software but this release, which I will post in the next few days, has an activator and a loader you run the app from so I would assume other new Iobit software will reuire similar. Still looking though...
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    G'day Blackrome, Although I used Iobit suite almost religously in the past, in the last few years I've migrated back to linux so had left this open for someone still using windows and experience with Iobit to advise or help you. In saying that, the patch, which it sounds like you are using correctly, is released by what group.?. Maybe Iobit has added a call home protocol to the registration services and you may need to add a block into your hosts file. In the meantime I'll look amongst the release groups for any other equivilent patches or work around....
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    Love it! It may be time to upgrade my (poker inspired) Grim Reaper.
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