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    Is there a Billie Eilish Album, "when we all fall asleep" out there?
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    Yea Firefox still has memory problems :( Like I said I like Opera as it's a little lighter I also use VPN Unlimited and they have a Great Deal on Lifetime VPN http://www.cyberphoenix.org/forum/topic/511082-vpn-unlimited-lifetime-subscription/ If you get this deal you can use there stand alone VPN app or like I do and use the Browser Extinction :)
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    Crikey! I was typing this when you replied just now! Thank you Tech425 for your reply. I look forward to your answer. I only very recently discovered this problem, and it's only with cyberphoenix, because previously I was using Waterfox, where there is also this problem with cyberphoenix, which motivated me to try out Firefox. That and Waterfox's massive memory leak. 'Recently discovered' means since I discovered this forum and decided to join. glasshopper
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    I'm on FireFox now and all seems to be working just like on my Opera browser Now I do use a bunch of security and a VPN
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    Ok - Leaderboard, Chatbox and Donations Don't have a Drop-Down Browse and Activity = Yes they do have a Drop-Down The Sub-Menu on the right where your name is - You have to click for those to drop - They are not Auto drop when you hover your mouse over like Browse and Activity does I'm not sure about FireFox as I use Opera = I'm busy right now using Opera and I will test FireFox out later today Also to let you know Windows 10 is at Ver. 1909, But I don't think that maters