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    Can you translate or what kind of error or stuff is there?I don´t understand French.
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    Thank you very much for the great help I have received here. Life is not always kind. When you get older you figure that out. And not to be the first to throw stones until you have walked in that mans shoes. (or heels). Not to wear my heart on my sleeve. I have had cancer multiple times and in the last few years had two major heart surgeries. Not things you plan on or can even prepare for. Nor is it something I talk a lot about. Maybe its the time of year. The kindness of strangers has been a huge blessing for me and a bigger lesson. I do not believe that people know how good we have it. If you only focus on what you do not have that is all you have. Anyway, I just wanted to say thanks to CyberPhoenix for the hours of good reading and PC help they have given without a thought. Thank You CyberPhoenix Brian
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    Yup - Just FRED... Ha Ha...
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    Lived up to her species... Ha Ha...
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    I don't know if this is just me but I was willing to see for myself and tried Multihoster and downloaded the same file through that and Alldebrid. I was shocked at the difference in download speed of this same Rapidgator file. I downloaded both versions at normal download speed with my Mac and got Then I used IDM (I have Parallels and Windows 10 as IDM is Windows only) and got In both cases the top lines are the Alldebrid link with the Mutihoster being the bottom line. You can clearly see the huge difference in download speed with Alldebrid being 20 to 100 times faster. I was shocked at what I found and unless Alldebrid don't have the filehost I need I think I won't be using Multihoster.
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    I refuse to have a premium account with any single file host because it's almost guaranteed that whatever I want to download will not be available on that host especially as some of the new members seem to be using some new sites. I have Alldebrid and occasionally Realdebrid accounts which cover me for most sites at a fraction of the cost. I looked at Multihoster and found it expensive compared to the others and didn't really offer anything more. The only problems I've had with these is using a VPN with certain servers. Alldebrid doesn't like some of the servers so you need to choose cartefully which ones you go through.
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    that is just breathtaking, wow.. the teacher should be hung by her toes for ruining that "ART"..
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    Don't know what this is about but it was yelling at Me on repeat, Lol...
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    im talking about everything from OS to browser?? ill start and explain why i use them.. Windows 7 Ultimate x64 - safest OS from the prying eyes of MS Opera Browser - builtin vpn ExpressVPN - no logging at ALL, based in a country with no data retention laws.. gotta protect urself from the bloated world governments Malwarebytes - simply the best virus/malware protection Comodo Firewall - after testing all available, it's the best Macrium Reflect Workstation - best OS backup software around alright that's what i use for my personal protection at home.. what do u use??
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    Thanks Neo, will get around to listening all those. Not into female fronted metal, but will give a try, might be something worthy in these.
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    Hi! OK, cool. So what payment methods do you accept and how do I get it to you, should I do it? Also, what's the minimum starting donation? Thanks.
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    I've used All-Debrid in the past, Zevera I still use and I've used Multihoster8 recently and found they weren't bad at all and given there's 3Gb free that makes it worth the trial. I used to have trouble with All-Debrid at times because they would get hammered but there was only a few around then. I think this is another thing that depends on your location and who you're downloading off. I have found Multihoster8 is real good with RG being that is the most used hoster IMHO. Not My site aabee, I just wanted to share the discount with those interested, I don't even benefit from it if anyone signs up just wanted to share because I've had a good experience with them...
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    Another mystery solved... Ya always gotta be curious...