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    Hello community how is everything ?
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    Hey what is up my long lost friend. How are things? Weathering the Corona well I hope?
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    tell everybody you know malwarbytes is trojan , you can't unistall after its been installed I've been up working day and night dismantelling it and trying to undo the damage it's done just a bit of info for you and the community
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    I want to donate $15 using paypal
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    Looks like we need $25 to reach our goal? I would like to donate that amount! PM me the particulars. Thanks, BFlash
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    Hi CyberGod - Nice community... Would a USA Amazon Gift Card be acceptable to you? Please let me know! Thanks. Earthnet
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    15 dollars via paypal cheers jakjak
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    Yesterday is History, Tomorrow is a Mystery, and Today is a Gift...That is why we call it the Present.
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    heat4her > CyberGod Wish to donate $15.00 via PayPal My PayPal inet address is czyk_07@yahoo.com
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    Mate wish to donate $25 Paypal richobob1@hotmail.com
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    Type that Keyboard Harder
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    Live your Life in the moment....
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    Today I get my government pension so now I'm an official pensioner.