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    You can say thank you in a reply or just click a like and there is a thanks that can be used.
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    Update as of today can be found at https://www86.zippyshare.com/v/3a2oTCwF/file.html It's actually at R22 as of today. Be sure to turn off updates after installing.
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    Try below link https://linksprm.xyz/
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    Good Stuff...Thanks!
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    First of all, you should know that by default if you want to revert your WINDOWS 11 upgrade to Windows 10, you only have 10 days. To be fair you can extend this period up to 60 days if you run a shell command before the original ten days is up. DISM /Online /Set-OSUninstallWindow /Value:60 You can use any value, between 10 and 60 but not more than 60. So in other words, you have to know you're probably going to want to revert your install before the ten days are up in order to decide to give yourself 60 days to evaluate Windows 11. But if you haven't planned ahead to revert back and discover on Day 12 that you'd like to go back, the command won't work.
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    Welcome to C to the Y to the P, CyberPhoenix!
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    Welcome to C to the Y to the P, CyberPhoenix!
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    Font Diner - Font Collection | Graphics | Fonts | Most of these Fonts are packaged in Style Sets. List: The Brown Bag Font Set: Continental Railway Anastasia Chatty Cocktails El Nino Guest Check Hamburger Sandwitch Lionel Classic Milwaukee Motor Oil Coffe Shop The Casino Buffet Font Set: Mister Television Starburst Lanes Starburst Lanes Twinkle International Palms Holiday Ranch Lamplighter Script Lamplighter Script Marquee Vegas Caravan Las Vegas to Rome Leisure Script Leisure Script Marquee El Ranchero Hamburger Menu Hamburger Menu Marquee Mirage Bazaar Mirage Zanzibar The Country Picnic Font Set: CFP Alternates Chicken Basket Chowerhead Cocktail Script Country Store Dairyland Emblem Chief Motel King Queen Rosie Secret Recipe Square Meal Sweet Rosie The Doggie Bag Font Set: Permanet Waves Yarn Sale Fat Sam Etiquette Taylors Kentuckyfried Beer Dip Jumping Bean Jack Bisio Finer Diner In-Flight Meal Font Set: Refreshment Stand American Highway Kiddie Cocktails Mosquito Fiesta Al's Motor-Inn Volcano King Lionel Text Starlight Hotel Pink Flamingo New York to Las Vegas The Lunch Box Font Set: Automatic Chicken King Stovetop Kitchenette Doggie Bag Script Jonny Lunchpail Regulator Motorcar Atlas Milwaukee WARNING The Tv Dinner Font Set: Swinger Singlesville Script Rojo Frijoles Zizap Spagetti Western Stiletto Devilette Dry Cleaners American Cheese Spaceman More Font Diner: Air Conditioner Bahama Slim Black Night Black Widow Bowl-O-Rama Cocktail Creaky Frank Dot Com Huggable Loungy Luvable Sparkly Featured Item Font on a Grain Font on a Stick Leftovers Rickles Rocket Script Schnookums Seus Bonus Fonts: A Weird Party Action Is Action Is The Sequel Amhole Blob Cross Bingo Star Blood of Dracula BloodFeast Bubbleman Cat Women Channel Tuning Corrupter Decaying Alternate Decaying Kuntry Decaying Demon Night Evil of Frankenstein FrankenTOHO HMan Hothead Keep on Truckin' Kuntry Combo 3in1 Marker Monkey Maverick Musicals Pick Ax Psychatronic OT Psychatronic TT RayGun Shiver Sins of Rhonda Spacearella Stencil Gothic BE Thats Super Whitless XERKER FW All Fonts are TTF file is 15.1 mb https://mega.nz/file/dxZjhYrJ#PWeDO97wgLOPMFPI1e4H526XwHSNX7PUUm-fzHQi8EE or: https://www.solidfiles.com/v/VKa5P4v8LXyxG
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    Too difficult for newbies i think,, but you should try.