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    You don't have to Apologize Guys When We Already Know that Y R doing a Gr8 Project Here!!!
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    I'm a student, who is trying to cut cost where possible and find online place to learn skills and build a career the most cost effective way possible, cause uni courses are expensive. I didn't know much about eduCBA at first, and didn't want to lose out on their "discounted" price (which is churned out quite frequently) so I bought a license to one of their programs - turns out, I was disappointed. I'm interested in cryptocurrency and cryptography. This is where I learned about the importance of VPN. I have been in search for a good one lately, however a trial version is a critical factor for me to consider. Aside from this, if anyone has advice on where to start learning SAP, and which ERP would be most beneficial to land a job, and if learning HANA is worth it, I would like to hear it. Now I think, maybe I should have posted a new thread.
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    Hello, I'm just a guy who is disabled with a lot of computer time on my hands.
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    Hi, Britney here. I am part of the graphics team where I help when and where I can. You might have seen a few avatars or signatures floating around I have done for users. What I do is nothing glamorous by any means. I work in a restaurant part time because unfortunately in my area there is a hiring freeze for what I am qualified to do.
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    Damn Looks like someone's found a secret camera feed from my house
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    Mind blowing: Live flight tracker! http://www.flightradar24.com/
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    hi Friends, I am out here in the desert working for a trading firm handling their operations and love being here in this forum. Pras
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    Nearly 30 years ago when my daughter was in kindergarten she created a poster with a picture of me and wrote a few words. I love my dad because he is grumpy and he gives me presents. So there's hope for the grumpy people everywhere - I'm still grumpy; why change? Been coming to various iterations of this forum for years and still liking it as much as I did when I first stumbled over it. Long may the welcome from members continue
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    I come here mostly everyday to see if there are programs that i can find to help others. Most my family rely on me to fix their computers or other electronics for them when something goes wrong. If i have to reformat their computer, then i come here to see if there is an easier fix instead of wiping out all their pictures and music. i come in to get apps that i could use for myself to keep my system clean also. I enjoy coming here everyday because it seems every time i come in its a whole new day with some new people chatting with the veterans of the website. its nice to see how others live and why they come onto the site for different reasons and seeing the admins helping everyone out as much as possible. Keep up the great work cyberphoenix.
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    I haven't worked full time in 8 years since I had an accident at work, I was a glass handler at the time, am on a disability pension as the Doctors said I'd never walk again, nor use My right arm and with the mental affects, but with lots of work and pushing Myself, I showed them. Since then I have done lots of rehab and Uni, including degrees in Psychology, Sociology, Counseling, Hypnotherapy, Nurse Administration, Business Management and have almost completed a Bachelors in Sexology, work wise, I.T. work for various people (Was previously in I.T. most of My working life) other small part time roles like Election official, merchandising, Tax time Stock take, Collections Agent, Driver, some building/carpentry, a little retail and My most recent role was the Easter Bunny at a local shopping mall. Around here I Mod, I have looked after the Download section for years, try to help with requests and upload regularly as I can. Some of My skills that were once utilized here are a bit obsolete but I try to educate Myself all the time and share My knowledge if I can...
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    I'm a jack of all trades, master of none. Please come by -- Community Lounge -- for some top-notch quality content.
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    im me just a day by day guy , im a worker in well drilling.
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    Who am I? "I am a Fake Somebody and a Real Nobody." I really want to quote Lord of the Rings too for some reason
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    Gus says i am in the game have not been here since Cyber warez......But hey i am back ...looking around looks good!
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    Guy Builds Beautiful PC Out of Rope and Wood There aren’t many PCs you would want to prominently display in your home but there aren’t many that look like functional pieces of art either. This gorgeous PC was built by Matt of the YouTube channel DIY Perks to celebrate passing the 1 million subscriber milestone.
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    Just as a little exercise and fun, I thought I’d create augmented versions of a couple of animated cat GIFs. I call these perpetual to distinguish from just looping the GIF. So these are the original GIFs And here the perpetual versions Purrpetual skidding cats Purrpetual long jumping cats
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    Understanding Car Language... The daughter asks her father, "Dad, there is something that my boyfriend said to me that I didn't understand. He is soooo into his cars and he said that I have a beautiful chassis, lovely airbags and a fantastic bumper. Her Dad said, "You tell your boyfriend that, if he opens your hood and tries to check your oil with a dipstick, I will tighten his lug nuts so hard that his headlights will pop out and he will start leaking oil out of his exhaust pipe!"
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    Oh I did a huge number of those last week
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    what to say to a woman.. don't say anything.. ur perfect just the way u r..
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    Why did the banana go to the doctor……Because he wasn't peeling well!
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    cannibal corpse owns.. bought there first album when i was 14..
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    You can look at one of the edited posts of your own and click edit. Then click source and you will see all the coding/format for it. If posting manually then the button to click is ≺/≻.