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  1. Catman_29

    Motivational posters

    You have been for years!
  2. Thank you ShAmmY1989 !! Works perfectly on Win 11!
  3. Can't wait! Bring some Pluto beer!
  4. Catman_29

    Welcome our new Staff Leaders

    Congratulations aabee . A fine addition to the team
  5. Catman_29

    Uncensored Anonymous Search

    Thank you Rædwulf VPN Unlimited?
  6. Catman_29

    Uncensored Anonymous Search

    Duck Duck Go
  7. Catman_29


    It says right on their recording that they do NOT support their products! Nice company! Pure profit!
  8. Catman_29


    Does anybody know a way to actually reach these people for a problem? As in speak to a actual person?
  9. Catman_29

    R.I.P teh paradox.... hello CP!

    That was a sad day. One of my favorites, but nowhere close to CP
  10. Catman_29

    Unread Content

    Never mind.... It's the senility
  11. Catman_29

    Can't install Win 7

    Can't install Win 7 on fresh install. Gets to "License Terms" and mouse and keyboard stop working. Yes, I have been all over Google and can't find something I can wrap my head around. Using old spare Vista box now, but it is extremely slow and keeps locking up. (Don't care about that one) I believe it's a USB driver problem, from what I have read, if anybody has those files. Apparently I have to add them to the install disk. AMD FX8370 Black ASUS M5A99X EVO R2.0 (I know, it's ancient) EVGA NVIDIA GEFORCE GT 740 1GB GDDR5 (If that matters) SAMSUNG 850 PRO SSD All new Started out with no video. Switched back to my old ATI Sapphire Radeon HD5670 1GB DDR3. Now at least I have video. Trying to install Windows 7 SP1 (repeatedly). Gets to "License Terms" and mouse and keyboard stop working. Does anybody have anything a little easier (Senile) that actually works? Many thanks CP
  12. Catman_29

    Unread Content

    How do I UNsubscribe from unread content??
  13. Catman_29

    Post your internet connection speed

    Not bad for the US Tech, I like your download speed! OMG!! Neo, how do you not go nuts??