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  2. Neophobia "Roy boy" had a phone call from The Gabba 10 mins ago informing me my wallet had been found intact including cash, honest people those Lions fans, lucky I wasn't sitting amongst the Collingwood bogans Four and Twenty's are what they used to be but what's the footy without a pie
  3. A guy from down-under haven't been to a live AFL football game in ages, decided to travel to a game last evening, The mighty Brisbane Lions lost in the last minutes of a great game of footy Lost my wallet at the game, learnt a lesson never carry all your cards, licence etc in your wallet, on the plus side a good time to clean out my wallet and to top it all off it's a public holiday today But a pie at the footy still tastes pretty good, lucky I had the pie before loosing my wallet Game lost, wallet lost, pie was good Long time member great site
  4. Trying to send u some $$ and get this screen


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