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  1. Mvjen mir qe pas kaq kohesh qe kisha pa u futur ne forum te shof admin ketu :D

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    Moved to Helpdesk
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    What is HTC stand for?

    HTC abbrev. stands for High Tech Computer Corp of Taiwan. You can find them on the web at www.taiwanhightech.com HTC actually is the OEM manufacturer for these phones. A bit of trivia is that they also manufacture the iPaqs for HP (formerly Compaq). T-Mobile and O2 took on the branding themselves, but AT&T had the forethought to outsource a portion of that activity to a name that would be recognized by consumers... Siemens. So Siemens doesn't have anything to do with manufacturing them... it's a strange business.
  4. Hi Joker29 I just wanted to wish you a Merry Christmas and a

    very Happy New Year, Thanks for all the help you have given me and

    the lads/ladies over the past several months.

    Take good care over the holidays. and Stay Safe!

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      U re Welcome Pandorasbox2008 ,Merry Christmas and a

      very Happy New Year to you too :)

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    Search Function

    As daytrader said . Kindly be patient , it will be fixed
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    A Tribute to Steve jobs from Team Cyberwarez

    R.I.P Steve Jobs .