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  1. bastrdx

    Need urgent help on 4gb micro sd card

    try low level format
  2. what question or did i miss that ...but as for being lost im never lost everyone tells me where to go Are you the one that is lost whilst trying to pass the test ??
  3. the question is the answer or is it the answer being the question can you answer that for me please ?
  4. bastrdx

    The Song Titles game

    Forget It - Breaking Benjamin
  5. great news Kim Dotcoms raid ruled illegal as is cloning his HDs

  6. bastrdx

    My Father

    well Admin that was very moving and strange enough that was the only time my dad told me those words too but he was with our family till i was 17 ... still miss him R.I.P dad
  7. bastrdx

    Google Defends Hotfile (and Megaupload) in Court

    in a way yes but werent they also saying they wanted to go after Google for allowing torrents to show up under search