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  1. relphelp

    Need Help ASAP

    Aaah leme try n wil tell u
  2. relphelp

    Need Help ASAP

    Hi guys i wanted to remove rar file password .. i have forgotten the password of that rar file ... plz don't post brute-force software i have tried its taking too much time tell me another alternative ... Thank you ...
  3. relphelp

    how to install already downloaded softwares in ubuntu 12

    Download it from ubuntu app center it will automatically execute files u have downloaded it ..
  4. relphelp

    Help With My Xp Taskbar

    Thanx for helping me out guys all of u guys .. screenshot helped me out :yourock:CW ROX
  5. relphelp

    Help With My Xp Taskbar

    @vigneshnallamad not working man :S
  6. relphelp

    Help With My Xp Taskbar

    Hi guys em using win xp sp3 em having issue with viglance and supertaskbar actually i unnistraled both and n instralled windowsblind and em facing this issue my active active are not shown in left its is shown on right side plz help me with :S AS u can see all task are being shown on right side instead of left side :S
  7. relphelp

    Top 5 Best Defragger FreewaRE

    i searched everywhere smartdefrag 2 is the best in terms of speed and time .. thanx guys
  8. relphelp

    Top 5 Best Defragger FreewaRE

    Hi guys can u tell top 5 best defragger freeware only ... please post the link ... Thank you
  9. relphelp

    SilentCam App Cracked

    Hi guys i wanted to download SilentCam app for Blackberry 8520 curve .... Its paid app .. if anyone knows how where will be the cracked app will be available .. thankyou
  10. relphelp

    Help ASAP

    I kwn that will try n tell Thanx
  11. relphelp

    Help ASAP

    Hi guys i wanted to instrall dual boot both windows 7(64bit ) and windows xp(32bit). i reinstralled windows xp (32 bit ) and im not able to get windows 7 bootlaoder back form EASY BCD software for restoring my original bootlaoder ... Im able to boot only windows xp ryt now. Thank You
  12. relphelp

    Cant Use 6 Gb Ram In Windows 7 x64 bit :|

    @ vigneshnallamad Thanx Man It Worked now i can use 5.25Gb and other is shared with my Gpu Thanx alot Problem solved
  13. relphelp

    Cant Use 6 Gb Ram In Windows 7 x64 bit :|

    Done My Plz Figure It Out
  14. Hi guys im Not ABle to use 6Gb DDR3 Of RAM im using MSI 785-E51 Motherboard and AMD PheNom II X2 555BE CPU. WinDOws 7 64bit Ultimate . Im Using 3 Ram X 2GB STick each KINGSTON same Frequency ... This Iz My screenshot