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  1. ramoine

    Funny pics

    Good Idea freak !
  2. ramoine

    Application For Employment

    freak this was an awesome post , thanks for the laugh !
  3. ramoine

    Anti-Cheat Helmets

    Saran that looks about right to me , how else would stop cheating in the classroom ?
  4. Well , I'm not surprised by their admission . Is any email service safe from the Governments prying eyes , you may as well add Microsoft and Yahoo to this story as well ! The NSA has more power than the Elected Officials who are suppose to have oversight of them , the Elected officials are in the hip pockets of the multi-billion dollar corporations that fund their campaigns to get elected and time and again re-elected . This is a cycle that will never end because the people have no one that cares about their privacy concerns in Washington . Let's just remember that this was all started under the guise of our security from terrorists threats , governments all over the world have been spying on it's citizens in the name of safety . How many CCTV 's are there now in your cities , how big are the budgets for local police depts. because around here they can afford to buy cell phone tracking equipment , new SUV's every year and get free hummers to drive from the Homeland security Dept. . Every big Tech Corporation is in bed with our government to get a Contract , so if that means they have to give the governments of the world a backdoor key to our information that's fine as long as they get to keep their Big monopolies in place . The internet as a whole is a risky place to do anything nowadays and it's not going to get any easier to try to keep your personal info private . Such Sadness
  5. I'm really looking forward to the first real reviews of these consoles when they finally ship , and to see who's gonna have the bigger game selection before I plop down the money for either one .
  6. ramoine

    Zanzibar: Acid attack on two British women

    I never said that any research was useless , except in the cases of trying to understand why people do the things they do . The problem is not that complicated to understand from my viewpoint . You have a college degree and I don't so maybe that's why we both have different views to the same problem here such as the attack on these 2 women . But the viewpoint I'm trying to explain is that No research or study of the human psyche has been able to show with any proof other than speculation , who will commit a violent act and who won't .There is no simple evaluation to determine if one person is more prone to violence than another . A psychologist can try to evaluate a person's mindset , but that all depends on the person answering truthfully and with no fear of recriminations . Not everyone will be forthright with their answers during questioning of their feelings and thoughts , so whatever information you may use to make a conclusion based on this data is really not anything than a guess on your part . To be able to come to any conclusions as to why some people are more violent than others you would need to be able to look into their minds , as of this day I don't recall any Technology that can do this , So anything used to try to make a case as to whether Profiling works to deter any crimes is simply wrong and a waste of time and resources . Profiling may work with chimps or wildlife due the very nature of their being a much less complicated thinking life form . Profiling was started as another tool to use for crime prevention , but what success rates have they had ? Well in my area it does not work too well because according to the local PD most criminal activity is committed by white males between the ages of 15 yrs. to 36 yrs. of age , so using that profile this would work out to about 65% of the city population . So would this mean that 65% of my town are criminals ? You could add that they also wear blue jeans and T-shirts , does this get us any closer to picking out the bad guys ? Profiling is not a proven science , nor do I think it will ever be . Counseling only does good if the person is 100% honest with their answers , and the Counselor is very knowledgeable of the persons past history . So this too is still not 100% reliable to see what this person may do in the future . College's are going to get grants to study anything they wish and something that will be lucrative for them at the same , just like Drug manufacturers that will make over 1000 different drugs for mental illness . The fact still remains that after all the money and research , what is left to understand ? Most people who commit violent acts are individuals with willingness to hurt others and that's the only profile they all have in common . So what to do since you can't walk through town and pick who is the good guy from the bad guy ? Well where I live we are allowed to carry concealed weapons for personal protection and that's what I do, as well as try to teach my family to be aware of your surroundings at all times and hope things never go wrong but to be prepared if they do . Not try to be paranoid as much as be confident in your abilities to protect yourself . I really wish there were a way to spot any trouble before it happens , but until then we all have to take care of our own selves . Ahhhh ,,, what do I know anyway ? LOL This has been a good debate Saran999 thank you for taking the time to respond Bill
  7. ramoine

    Mind blowing: Live flight tracker

    Thank you for this link , it's incredible how busy the skies are here in the US
  8. ramoine

    Official Signature & Avatar Request Thread

    Request withdrawn . thanks anyway
  9. ramoine

    Superman/Batman movie s officially confirmed!

    Great news look forward to see who plays the Batman .
  10. ramoine

    Hi to all @ CP

    Hi T-man welcome !
  11. ramoine

    Zanzibar: Acid attack on two British women

    How on this Earth can you walk among a city full of people and pick out the criminals ? If you say by gut instinct or the way they look , then that's not something one can ever understand . Face it a person can just nuts without any prior history of harming another person or thing and since there is no such thing as a mind reader you can never be really sure who will do what , or when they will do it , if they do anything at all . Profiling only gets you so far with very little results , because not every criminal thinks the same . If they all thought the same way and acted as such then most crime would not happen because you would be able to use a certain Profile for all criminal activity and arrest them before things go wrong . This pattern you speak of in fact works when hunting animals , but they don't have the brains we do . Here is my answer to you question to me . Example : White Tail deer all raise their young the same way as do all wild animals . They go to the same fields to graze and the same streams to eat . It is really predictable behavior . Now do you think all children are raised the same all over the world ? Do all criminals come from a Broken home ? Are they all influenced by TV , the internet , video games , etc. etc. ............. We have studied the brains of the ruthless , mentally ill , the genius , and the gifted . What have we learned that will tell us who will be a criminal , a policeman , the next Einstein , or the next Forrest Gump ? The answer is that no two people are the same , and you will never be able to 100% predict who will do what or where or when . We profile here in the U.S all the time and yet there is still high crimes and deaths every year , if the Profiling was working there should be very low rates . Let's just agree that the Human Being is a lot more complicated than we will ever know in our lifetime , that's why there has never been a brain transplant .
  12. ramoine

    Zanzibar: Acid attack on two British women

    Saran999 Okay , I know this kind of an attack has and will occur many times and it is horrible . But even if you spend the time to try and understand the reasoning for the crime and the mindset of the person's involved with them , what have can be learned from any of it ? People commit murder and violent acts everyday in the world we live in , and countries have spent Billions and Billions on researching the Human Brain , Mental Illness , and drugs to control the symptoms . The reality is that no matter how much time and money you put into trying to understand the Why and the Who , this will happen time and time again . So how much understanding does it take to realize that there will always be some cruel and evil humans among us that will at the drop of a hat , attack their fellow countrymen , neighbor , relative or some stranger for their own amusement ? No amount of understanding is going to change the way some people think , or correct a mental flaw in their thinking , some people are just plain Crazy . Understanding why these men committed this attack will not prevent the next attack on the next poor victims , it will only explain why these two men did this . History is filled with Mentally Unstable People , there will never be an explanation as to why they did the things they did , except speculation , which really means it's anybody's guess as to why they did terrible things . This is not a case where I feel the need to understand and justify the acid attack on two people no matter skin color , faith , citizenship or their sex . It is an unwarranted attack that will leave painful physical and emotional scars on the two victims for the rest of their life .
  13. ramoine

    What type are you?

    I feel like I may be a bit of the Omega with a little Alpha type of person . I'm confident in my abilities to get a job done and will take the lead after watching someone struggle too long . I kind of keep to myself , and surround myself with the wife and kids for most of the time , good friends are very few that I completely trust . I'm not too fat and am not Lazy , but I'm not a Fitness freak either . I don't let things bother me so much now that I'm in my late 40's but there was a time that it was my way or everyone was wrong . Maybe not so much Alpha or Omega as much as getting older
  14. ramoine

    Zanzibar: Acid attack on two British women

    I see your point there . But sometimes there are just some Crazies among Us that we can never understand their actions or thoughts , and the more we try the more time we waste on those people and not help the ones that can be helped .
  15. Money mongers is what the MPAA is all about ! They would love to ban all of the internet if they could , to protect the big Corporations and the stockholders .