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  1. Tech 425

    Windows 10 Activate Windows Watermark [COMPLETED]

    PM sent to you Blackrome03 on my post you couldn't access
  2. Tech 425

    Windows 10 Activate Windows Watermark [COMPLETED]

    This is the activator I use and after I did it and my copy is registered to me, Then to make sure I did a full wipe and reinstalled Win 10 Pro and after I put my info = Boom Activated http://www.cyberphoenix.org/forum/topic/648756-cp-upload-windows-10-digital-license-activation-60-script/
  3. Tech 425

    Call Sign Chaos, James Mattis

    I'm looking for it
  4. Tech 425

    Children - Then vs Now

    Yep that's why I got Beaten 62 times a day ---------------- Well add 1 more as I lied, it was 155,000 time a day --------------- Dang it add 1 more ---- 155,000 before lunch and anther 155,000 before bedtime
  5. Tech 425

    Millions Facebook Users Phone Numbers Exposed

    We on Pluto banned all Facebook a long time ago as we don't trust that Jerk
  6. Tech 425

    The Sheer Nightgown

    OMG it took me Two Hours to stop laughing
  7. Tech 425

    Funny Pictures

    Dang I can't put more than 1 Smiley, Oh Wait =
  8. Tech 425

    HI there

    Hello Subfly, The request section is grayed out to help protect from spamming A good way to unlock it is go into the Newbie Section and read some and reply, After some small posts the system will unlock
  9. Tech 425

    HI there

    Hello Subfly, Welcome to CyberPhoenix I hope you enjoy your stay and come back often Please follow CyberPhoenix Rules and if you don't see something you want then use Search We also have a Request Section if you can't find something you want Become a CyberPhoenix VIP for Premium Accounts and alot more Administrator
  10. Tech 425

    An Atheist In The Woods

    Didn't see that coming = Very Funny
  11. Tech 425

    Funny Pictures

  12. Tech 425

    A man In trouble

    Yep give me a few more years and I will be the ...........
  13. Tech 425

    PC Doctor

    Advanced SystemCare Pro http://www.cyberphoenix.org/forum/topic/752015-cp-upload-advanced-systemcare-pro-1250355/
  14. Tech 425

    My New Computer

    The best bang for my buck I would say
  15. Tech 425

    My New Computer

    Ok folks soon I will have around $2000 US dollars (I would have more but the trip from Pluto to Earth is costly) So if you had this how would you build your system (Links to the hardware would be nice)
  16. Tech 425

    PC Doctor

    All that I could find was junk What do you need help with ?
  17. I had a laptop with a keyboard problem (Physical) So I looked it up on Ebay and bought a replacement keyboard ;)
  18. Tech 425

    Snuffy the Seal

    Snuffy the Seal pays dearly in ‘Shark Week’ promo Campaign opens with a spectacular, albeit fictitious, attack on rehabilitated mammal—advertising genius or poor taste? The Discovery Channel has begun to promote “Shark Week,” and it has done so spectacularly—at the expense of poor Snuffy the Seal. The accompanying video marks the beginning of Discovery’s ad campaign for the popular series, which airs Aug. 4 to Aug. 9. Watch and decide for yourself whether the footage is horrifying, hilarious, or mildly amusing. The story, of course, is fictitious. There is no Snuffy and the news station covering the rehabilitated seal’s release does not exist. But the drama works perfectly for the theme: “Shark Week. It’s a Bad Week to Be a Seal.” Writes Business Insider: “The ad is shocking, awesome, and effectively getting fans pumped up for Aug. 4.” The Drum points out that “Snuffy the Seal” was trending on Twitter after the release of the ad. One of the tweets, via Conner Morris (@ConnerSaurusRex): “I’ve been an emotional basket case ever since I saw that shark kill Snuffy the Seal.” Another described the footage as “advertising genius at its finest,” and we’re sure many will agree.
  19. CCleaner is a program I use and I have CCEnhancer CCleaner: https://www.ccleaner.com/ CCEnhancer: https://singularlabs.com/software/ccenhancer/
  20. Tech 425

    Which MS Office to use effectively... [COMPLETED]

    If you want the full version of Office 2019 I have it (It's the 64bit Version) I can find it and upload (Yes it's fully update-able)
  21. Tech 425

    Premium Link Generator [COMPLETED]

    I will post how I paid tomorrow as no one on Earth accepts Pluto's money
  22. Tech 425

    Funny Pictures

    Where is that bottle and I need a case
  23. Tech 425

    Please Read - A Change is Coming

    The 4K Movie section is now Active http://www.cyberphoenix.org/forum/forum/33-4k-movies/
  24. Soon the iPod/Mobile movies Section will be gone and there will be a 4K Movie Section added
  25. Tech 425

    Please Read - A Change is Coming

    Post fixed, Dang computer