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  1. Just to let you know I fixeded your Signature Image :)

  2. Check out this post - Report Dead Links - Instructions with LinkChecker

    I had a member that want to know how to identify dead links easily

    Of course you have the Best Script, So I made the post

    Check it out and Please let me know what you think :)

    1. w.a.r.


      I added a couple things that they need to know.

    2. Tech 425

      Tech 425

      Thank You Sir :)

  3. Type that Keyboard Harder :gf: :P

  4. Happy New Year :) 2018 will be Better

  5. Every Day is getting Better

  6. I'm Having Very Sad Days :(

    1. NeophobiA


      you ok Mate.?.


    2. ghostxdreams2


      hate to make your day worse but had to drop in and say hi-ya-----hi-ya lol

      just remember things could be a lot worse you could be a transgender in public and needing to pee lol

  7. Getting Ready for a Massive Solar Storm

    1. Darko


      I wrapped my house and truck in wire, I am ready


    2. Tech 425

      Tech 425

      I broke out Duck tape ;)

  8. You Can't Fix Stupid

    1. Darko


      No, but you can kick it in the face

    2. Tech 425

      Tech 425

      Yep, but I don't think that will fix it - Would be fun though

  9. I changed my Profie Picture in Honor of Great Britain and Paris, No words can say how I feel

  10. I changed my Profie Picture in Honor of Great Britain, No words can say how I feel

  11. Uranus is attacking Pluto again - Dam them

  12. Today is my Daughters 15th Birthday :)

  13. Playing with my Samsung S8+ and Gear VR :)

  14. Uranus you better give me back my Mind or my Pluto Goons will attack :)

    1. VPN Unlimited

      VPN Unlimited

      I'm getting on a rocket and go kick Uranus in the rear and get your Mind back :)

  15. Those Dang Aliens from Uranus took over my Mind

  16. My mind is being controlled by Aliens, But that's ok - I'm from Pluto

  17. I like the new Opera better than Firefox

  18. Hope everyone had a Very Merry Christmas

  19. My internet will be upgraded on Friday :)

  20. Reporting, But I would rather be Modding ;)

    1. lickmyshorts


      i'll back you on modding

  21. Sorry I've Been Gone for So Long :( But I'm coming Back Soon :)

  22. I will be gone for awhile and will miss my Good CyberPhoenix Friends :(

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    2. dalmar6677


      Tech whats ? Hope all is well.

    3. iskey


      hope all is well and we miss you Teach

    4. Darko


      Holy crap Tech where did ya go?


  23. Look in the Tech News Section on how you can get Google Earth Pro Is Now Free