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  1. joerooty

    Construction Workers (Bit rude)

    Good one..
  2. joerooty

    Scrimping and Saving

    Good stuff..
  3. Wow, that is just horrible...Holy crap, I even have teared up...
  4. joerooty

    Cheap Hearing Aid

    Good one, I had a good laugh.
  5. joerooty

    Don't Fart In Harrods

    Good stuff, I love it.....
  6. Possible to re up the Mayans MC episode 7, Roberto ?? All the rapidgater ones are gone..Thanks man.

  7. joerooty

    First Horseback Ride

    I just about fell out of my chair laughing..That is funny stuff. Cheers.
  8. joerooty

    A Well-Planned Retirement...

    Wow, what dedication for all those years..Cheers!!!
  9. joerooty

    This Guy Tricked a Spammer Into Hacking Himself

    That's the way to do it..
  10. Ya, I think the cost is much too low,but the whole idea is pretty cool.
  11. Oh crap, that is not what she wanted to hear..:)
  12. joerooty

    I want to have SEX with you

    Now that's a good one...
  13. joerooty

    Top 10 Huge Companies That May Soon Disappear

    All I can say is, Zowie!!!