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  1. Now I understand what it all means..Thanks.
  2. joerooty

    Scrimping and Saving

    Good stuff..
  3. Wow, that is just horrible...Holy crap, I even have teared up...
  4. joerooty

    Cheap Hearing Aid

    Good one, I had a good laugh.
  5. joerooty

    Don't Fart In Harrods

    Good stuff, I love it.....
  6. Possible to re up the Mayans MC episode 7, Roberto ?? All the rapidgater ones are gone..Thanks man.

  7. joerooty

    First Horseback Ride

    I just about fell out of my chair laughing..That is funny stuff. Cheers.
  8. joerooty

    A Well-Planned Retirement...

    Wow, what dedication for all those years..Cheers!!!
  9. joerooty

    This Guy Tricked a Spammer Into Hacking Himself

    That's the way to do it..
  10. Ya, I think the cost is much too low,but the whole idea is pretty cool.
  11. Oh crap, that is not what she wanted to hear..:)
  12. joerooty

    I want to have SEX with you

    Now that's a good one...
  13. joerooty

    Top 10 Huge Companies That May Soon Disappear

    All I can say is, Zowie!!!
  14. joerooty

    Hope for this movie. [Completed]

    Oh wow, thanks man, I really appreciate it.......
  15. Hi all, can anyone please post The Hitmans Bodyguard, for me to download on Rapidgater...I sure would appreciate it...Thank you.
  16. Now that is funny stuff man, I did not see that coming...
  17. joerooty

    Signs for Idiots

    Good stuff...
  18. joerooty

    Biker saves suicide attempt?

    Now that is funny stuff. I am sure she was pushed.
  19. joerooty

    Chocolate Chip Cookies

    Good one man...halarius..