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    Mind blowing: Live flight tracker

    lol this is pretty crazy. Also very useful when someone is travelling and a family member is stressed out about the whereabouts. Damn, how did you find this?
  2. I'm a student, who is trying to cut cost where possible and find online place to learn skills and build a career the most cost effective way possible, cause uni courses are expensive. I didn't know much about eduCBA at first, and didn't want to lose out on their "discounted" price (which is churned out quite frequently) so I bought a license to one of their programs - turns out, I was disappointed. I'm interested in cryptocurrency and cryptography. This is where I learned about the importance of VPN. I have been in search for a good one lately, however a trial version is a critical factor for me to consider. Aside from this, if anyone has advice on where to start learning SAP, and which ERP would be most beneficial to land a job, and if learning HANA is worth it, I would like to hear it. Now I think, maybe I should have posted a new thread.
  3. Thanks for the post! This is pretty interesting. It would be harder to lose anonymity if there is a large population using this platform and distributing big data to a centralized server. But then again, using any of that data to spy on someone defeats the purpose of Veil in the first place. Doesn't it? What I would like to know is does this replace the need of VPNs and protection from ISPs. Or does it aim to tackle only the issue of stored data on user's device.