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  1. First of all, you should know that by default if you want to revert your WINDOWS 11 upgrade to Windows 10, you only have 10 days. To be fair you can extend this period up to 60 days if you run a shell command before the original ten days is up. DISM /Online /Set-OSUninstallWindow /Value:60 You can use any value, between 10 and 60 but not more than 60. So in other words, you have to know you're probably going to want to revert your install before the ten days are up in order to decide to give yourself 60 days to evaluate Windows 11. But if you haven't planned ahead to revert back and discover on Day 12 that you'd like to go back, the command won't work.
  2. BlackBerry 5G release date, price, specs, news and leaks By Michael Hicks April 02, 2021 Last-gen physical keyboard, next-gen speeds (Image credit: Future) The Blackberry 5G may soon fill the void felt by Android power users who love the idea of physical keyboards for faster typing. It's been far too long since these people have had their fingertips tapping away at the keys of something like the niche and rather average BlackBerry Key2 – launched in 2018 – or even more obscure and middling F(x)tec Pro 1 – launched a year later. You'd be hard-pressed to find a keyboard phone that isn't obsolete today. Thankfully for folks pining nostalgically for BlackBerry's glory days, we will allegedly see a new BlackBerry phone with 5G connectivity sometime in 2021. It won't be made by the original BlackBerry devs, who are selling their mobile patents away and have mostly left smartphones behind in favor of smart car software and security tech. Nor by TCL, which took over the brand's manufacturing in 2016 but dropped the partnership in 2020. Instead, new mobile company OnwardMobility purchased the brand, and plans to work with Foxconn – maker of most gaming consoles, Nokia and Xiaomi phones, and some old BlackBerry models – to make a new BlackBerry. See reference link for everything we expect to see from this new phone, in terms of specs and features. https://www.techradar.com/news/blackberry-5g-2021
  3. luisam

    100 Worst Songs of Modern Pop Culture

    You mean Toni Tennille? No, she well and alive, is about 79 years old. According her bio, she hadn't done much singing since the 90s. The "Captain" died on January, 2019. As for Muskrat Love, has a nice musical score but lyrics are rather stupid. Well, might sound fabulous a version of "Muskrat love" with Jimmy Page, Eric Clapton and George Plant! Just instrumental, please. I'm not sure if I understand correcly your post, if you mean to include Leonard Nimoy's The Ballad of Bilbo and Having My Baby among those notoriously worst songs. If so, I agree with the statement but I'm afraid Leonard Nimoy shouldn't classify because that song never charted. Well, he was a great Mr. Spock but as a singer, probably he was mostly on Vulcano's Blues Billboard. (You're) Having My Baby, it never was my favorite; it's one of Paul Anka's song I deleted from my discography because somehow I felt it was wasting about 5 Mb of storing space in my 2 Tb drive As for Don Johnson, I don't really have any issue with Hearbeat. He also has a fine duet though not on my list of favorites, Barbra Streisand with Don Johnson - Till I Loved You. Might sound blasphemous but I don't like a bit the same song by duet Jennifer Rush and Plácido Domingo You're) Having My Bab(You're) Having My Baby
  4. luisam

    How to clear W7 cache. And DNS cache

    Guess some forum function is blocking your uploaded file. 'm getting this message: This attachment is not available. It may have been removed or the person who shared it may not have permission to share it to this location. Try to upload it as text to https://textuploader.com/ EDITED: It's a TEXT uploader. Copy/paste the text.
  5. Would you believe the iPod touch has been updated? We have all the iPod touch 7 launch news for 2019, including release date, design, new features, price, specs and more Continuing the theme of updating products that it had neglected for years (like the MacBook Air and Mac mini) Apple has updated the iPod Touch for the first time since 2015. The new iPod touch - the seventh generation iPod Touch in fact - gains the A10 Fusion chip shared by the iPhone 7, bringing augmented reality gaming and Group FaceTime to the iPod for the first time. There is also a new 256GB capacity option. Apple hadn't updated the iPod touch since July 2015 - that's when the sixth-generation model came out. Since then, the company has discontinued all the other iPods - as of July 2017. So we had been expecting that the iPod touch would be next for the cull... at least we were until respected analyst Ming-Chi Kuo said to expect a new iPod touch. Read our iPod buying guide for more information about the iPod. new 2019 ipod touch The new iPod touch is available now from Apple. Price Prices are as follows: £199/$199 for the 32GB model, £299/$299 for the 128GB model and £399/$399 for the 256GB model. iPod touch (32GB): £199/$199 iPod touch (128GB): £299/$299 iPod touch (256GB): £399/$399 You can buy the new iPod touch here. In July 2017 (when Apple discontinued the other iPods) the iPod touch's price dropped slightly. Prior to the update the prices were as follows: iPod touch (32GB): £199/$199 iPod touch (128GB): £299/$299 While the iPod touch won't accept a SIM card, it can still join a Wi-Fi network which gives it much of the functionality of the iPhone, including Wi-Fi calling using FaceTime (and now Group Facetime). It seems like a long shot, but could an updated iPod touch be the low-cost iPhone we are all waiting for? Design changes The new iPod touch is identical to the previous generation. The 7th generation iPod touch comes in Pink, Silver, Space Gray, Gold, Blue and (Product)Red (if you choose that option you will be making a charitable donation to fight HIV and AIDS in Africa). If you were hoping it would take on the home-button-lacking design of the 2018 iPhones you'll be disappointed. 1x1 pixel The 7th (like the 6th-generation model) measures 58.6mm by 123.4mm, similar to the now discontinued iPhone 6, 6s and iPhone SE. Colour options The seventh-gen iPod touch comes in pink, silver, Space Grey, gold, blue and (Product) Red. iPod touch 2019 release date, price & specs: Colour options Picture shows: 2015 iPod Touch: same colour scheme for 2019. New features and tech specs The iPod touch (7th generation) uses the A10 fusion chip found in the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus (which were introduced in September 2016.) It still has the same 8MB camera as its predecessor and offers just 802.11ac Wi-Fi support and Bluetooth 4.1. The iPod touch (6th generation) used the A8 chip and M8 motion coprocessor found in the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. It had an 8Mp rear camera with slo-mo and burst mode. The top of the range model included 128GB storage. The iPod touch doesn't support NFC so you won't be able to use it for Apple Pay.
  6. Maybe sounds too elementary, but did you check the size of those rar files? Recently I had an issue trying to open a rar file. Then just looked a its size and it was 10 kb. It was supposed to be at least 2 - 3 Mb, so without any doubt, it was just a corrupt piece of a file. On the other hand, hopefully it's not your case but there are so so called fake uploads of compressed files which actually don't contain anything. Of course there is no way to open these files. Some pirate uploaders do this to increase their upload count in sites where they get rewards for up and downloads.
  7. luisam

    Want to upgrade from Win 7 Enterpise to 10 Pro

    Just a comment about installing Windows 10. About 2 years ago Microsoft upgraded my old computer with a Dual Core 4200+ 2.20 GHz processor from Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bits to Windows 10. It was actually a computer sold for Vista but as soon as I got it, downgraded to windows XP and much recently, installed Windows 7 on dual boot. I really have no idea which version of Windows 10 I got but didn't lose any file in the process. After about 2 days I found my computer running too slow, so considering that all my files were backuped, simply made a clean reinstall of Windows 7 using the original Windows 7 installation CD. At least 3 friends and relatives are using "enforced" Windows 10 on computers bought for Windows 7 and are having issues with the speed. After this experience for sure I have no intention to install Windows 10 on this computer. I do run Windows 10 Home current version 1809 on a laptop I bought about a year and half ago with Windows 10 installed.
  8. luisam

    How to clear W7 cache. And DNS cache

    I really appreciate this post. Actually, website was very easy to find, but it leaves me some doubts: According to website: BitRaser for File is an advanced file eraser software that helps you to permanently erase files & folders from laptop, desktop or any other storage media without leaving any scope for recovery. Manual & Automatic File Erasure Process Erases Files/Folders from Laptop, PC Desktop Computers etc. Wipes Installed Applications’ Traces, System & Internet Activity Traces Erases Files/Folders According to the Schedule Automated Process Option to Wipe Unused Drive Space for Better Hard Drive Optimization I guess it's a smart utility (by the way, looks it's not free) but no clue about how to clear with it W7 cache or DNS cache. Maybe the poster has some experience about this? FYI, I found this interesting Youtube tutorial about how to clean Windows 7 caches, including the DNS cache. And sorry... clear cach.rtf whatever it could explain, was deleted
  9. The Windows 10 October 2018 Update cumulative update published on the May 2019 Patch Tuesday installs twice for some users, and Microsoft acknowledged this unexpected behavior earlier this week. Basically, what happens is that KB4494441 is offered on Windows Update, installs correctly and asks for a reboot, but it is then re-offered via Windows Update for a second time. The update doesn’t fail to install, and everything is completed correctly after the second installation. The issue is now listed as “resolved” by Microsoft, and the company explains that users don’t need to do anything to get the update, as the problem was correction on its own side. “No action is required on your part. The update installation may take longer and may require more than one restart, but will install successfully after all intermediate installation steps have completed. We are working on improving this update experience to ensure the Update history correctly reflects the installation of the latest cumulative update (LCU),” Microsoft explains.Check if the update is installed correctlyIf you want to check if the update installed correctly, you can just check out the update history page, Microsoft says. “In certain situations, installing an update requires multiple download and restart steps. In cased where two intermediate steps of the installation complete successfully, the View your Update history page will report that installation completed successfully twice.” However, you can also determine if this update installed correctly or not by checking the version number of your Windows 10 installation. To do this, click the Start menu and type winver. If the OS build number is 17763.503, cumulative update KB4494441 installed correctly. If it’s any lower than that, you are still running a previous version of Windows 10 and you should check for updates once again because cumulative updates are available for your device. Source: https://news.softpedia.com/news/microsoft-fixes-installation-issues-in-windows-10-cumulative-update-kb4494441-526060.shtml POSTER'S NOTE: The issue was not resolved by Microsoft! My computer just finished installing the KB4494441 for the second time. Just as the review says, the first time it was updated correctly but version number remained the same. So I was already kind of warned! Then started to upload the same update. After the restart, now the build number is 17763.503. While not a groundshaking bug, it's another stupid failure of Microsoft
  10. About that Windows 7 End-of-Life nag screen: It ain’t working Microsoft's Windows 7 end-of-life screen that is pushing "patch" KB 4493132 and telling users to back up their files and prepare for what's next has had zero effect on Windows 7 usage statistics. Windows 7 is nearing end of support. That’s an indisputable fact. Many Windows 7 users have been greeted by the cheerful death proclamation shown in the screenshot. We don’t know how many Windows 7 customers have seen that screen, but we do know what effect the death announcement has had on Windows 7 usage so far. Zip. Nada. According to NetMarketShare, the usage share of Windows 7 has gone from 36.52% in March to 36.43% in April. According to StatCounter, the usage share of Windows 7 has gone from 33.41% in March to 33.38% in April. Both changes are statistically insignificant. I don’t see any Windows 7 customers quaking in their boots. Do you? https://www.computerworld.com/article/3391467/about-that-windows-7-end-of-life-nag-screen-it-aint-working.html
  11. Actually, it's a frequent issue with some older versions of Windows 10. Probably it's some kind of a not documented smurf of version 1603 which might activate depending on some unknown factors! In my case it started when I tried to remove Avast Free after it couldn't be updated and couldn't remove it with any uninstaller! So, I booted from a repair CD and deleted Avast. Problems started when I rebooted again to Windows 10 It's a really annoying issue because it limits the access of users to Windows 10's configuration and functions. Lots of forums, computer info pages and dozens of Youtube presentations offer solutions. These solutions work for some, doesn't for others. None of them worked for me! I assumed the radical soution: updating old version of Windows, in my case, from 1603 to 1803. It was not so easy, because Windows Update also was somehow disabled. So, the idea of the post is to serve as reference and recordatory for any user who might encounter this issue and offers a fast and radical procedure to solve the bug
  12. My sister's ASUS A54C (Intel i3) laptop had a really annoying issue: task bar and notificacion bar were disabled, start menu didn't open, search menu didn't work. Couldn't open Edge explorer (ok, not really our favorite, but it should open and it's a great PDF reader!) I tried probably every tip I could find doing google search, including those in Youtube with no result. Couldn't update using the standard update procedure. It's actually an old ASUS laptops, bougt in 2014 but the model was released in 2010. It was sold with Windows 7 64 bit SP1, not sure which edition. One day Microsoft updated it to Windows 10 without any notification. It has the version 1603 and my sister never even understood what happened until I explained her. She never was really happy about this "free" update beacuse she was quite satisfied with her Windows 7 laptop as it was. Initially, after those tips failed, I was quite decided to downgrade to Windows 7 SP1 64 bits Ultimate; I have a CD with an OEM version so it's actually a piece of cake but somehow I felt frustrated that this piece of W10 crap could more then me., so... Finally I downlaoded the msu upsate file to version 1803, used the independent update feature and it worked. Somehow it still had the original 1603 version; updated to 1803 and I'll try to get 1903 as soon as it's confirmed that it's bug free. As for my sister, well, all she uses this laptop for is to get and send her emails, once in a while she gets some Power Point prsentation or a PDF file, stores some family fotos and videos and writes short stories for herself nobody reads (using Office 2003). So really she could go along even with Windows XP!
  13. The consumer version of BlackBerry Messenger is closing down at the end of May. "Though we are sad to say goodbye, the time has come to sunset the BBM consumer service, and for us to move on," the company said in a statement published on its Facebook page. BBM announced that it will be shutting down one of the most loved instant messaging applications on May 31, 2019. "The technology industry however, is very fluid, and in spite of our substantial efforts, users have moved on to other platforms, while new users proved difficult to sign on," BBM stated. The company said this comes three years after efforts of setting out to reinvigorate BBM consumer service as a cross platform service where users can chat, share life experiences and also consume content and use payment services. According to its website, Blackberry Ltd. partnered with Emtek in 2016 to develop new and exciting features, services and content of the BMM to the global consumer market. The company thanked the support of its users, partners and employees for being part of the BBM consumer service journey. "We hope you will cherish many fond memories of BBM consumer service that helped shape messenger platforms to become what they are today," it stated. https://news.abs-cbn.com/business/04/19/19/bye-bye-bbm-blackberry-messenger-to-shut-down-in-may Aaah! Just for the record: This section is rather outdated because currently Blackberry is just another brand of an Android smartphone certainly with a quite low share in the market.
  14. luisam

    Head over heels for you

    This cheetah got a really well deserved meal for this amazing jump! Hope he could enjoy it! There are always those hyenas, lions and other predators fighting for a bit and a bite!
  15. luisam

    Bad/corrupted DVD media

    Certainly, I've been checking this issue and found an interesting reference about it in the book "PCs For Dummies" by Dan Gookin - 2011- Page 334: Do not use a sticky label on your CD/DVD-R. You should use a label only if it specifically says that it's chemically safe for a CD/DVD-R. Otherwise the chemicals in the standard type of sticky labels may damage the disc and render the information that's written to it unreadable after only a few months. Also there is some more information you may read about the problem with sticky labels: https://club.myce.com/t/sticky-paper-labels-on-dvd-r-discs-beware/157315