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  1. XP is not dead yet! Here have a "little" secret. Copy it to a txt file, name it POSREADY REG and run it: [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\WPA\PosReady] "Installed"=dword:00000001 Somehow, Microsoft will recognize your computer with that almost 20 years old XP as a point of sale machine and you'll get updates of XP security, even for dead cold Internet Explorer 8 and keep XP updated some more months, until April 2019. Guess that after that date, XP will die, definitively! Some "funny" info here about end-of-support https://cayan.com/insights/2018/when-microsoft-posready-2009-support-ends Edited: Yes, as I wrote it, I'm aware that it would work only for 4 more months but you don't really have to do too much to "customize" it... just input those two reg lines... and you'll get a full updated XP!
  2. You may get your album at music uploads http://www.cyberphoenix.org/forum/topic/668226-mark-knopfler-emmylou-harris-roadrunning-2006/ Please, dont post "Thanks", just press the Thanks button!
  3. luisam

    Apple mini Ipad & Epubs

    Got best results with EPUB_ULTIMATE portable. While application installs on Windows XP, for me it returns error when running. I'm not sure if it's just a personal issue. I use it on Windows 7. By the way, it converts to MOBI too, though I've never used it for that. Converting to PDF, you get better results if you optimize the size of your new PDF files. Size difference might be quite significative!
  4. luisam

    Apple mini Ipad & Epubs

    Why don't you convert EPUB to PDF? Just as easy to read on iPad
  5. luisam

    A victim of scam

    OK. Good to know. So, before letting me to scam, I'll remove ID, driving licence and credit card. Just leavign enough money to justify the scheme...
  6. luisam

    hello oldie but newbie

    I'm really sorry about you personal tragedy. The annoying loss of some data is noting compared to the great personal losses you've suffered and no dogs and birds you may have can replace a daughter! Just hope that visting this forum you may find some sane distraction keeping your thoughts free of sorrow while here. Welcome!
  7. luisam

    Great magazine site

    An absolutely great magazine site. Has got among all, more computer tech magazines then I can ever read. Only should update the URL, to avoid some wait while it is redirectioned. https://downmagaz.com Just should note that novafile.com hoster returns a server error: second link is to turbobit, which somehow, each time I try to get a download, makes me to wait 10 minutes notifying me that "You have reached the limit of connections from your IP range" After I wait the 10 minute countdown... I get the same note again... and again... So after waiting 30 minutes, I got nothing but the same warning again. Actually last time I'd connected succesfully to turbobit was about a week ago and I doubt that there are so much eventual turbobit downloaders from my DNS IP range... so looks this is a particular issue of turbobit is with my ISP.
  8. luisam

    Best fake emailer I have ever seen

    Great FAKER; after at least 10 years, stll works and it got actually through gmail's spam control; at least, for the test I made. Any idea what's the meaning of those codes for Bitcoin Address and Litecoin addres. Characters are not URL address...
  9. Well, I don't understand why I became a "Newbie".  I recognize that I'm not a prolific poster. Made about 300 in 9 years, since I'm member of this forum. But somehow, they disappeared!...

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    2. luisam


      Thanks for your reply. SOMEHOW I SUSPECTED IT... Well, I'm also member of another forum, since about 2006. They've changed board software several times and postcount was never affected. But well, I presume you have more important issues to check than postcounts... At least profile view count was not reset. It's currently on 18,146 profile views.:wub: Quiete a lot, for a Newbie.

    3. Mr Grumpy

      Mr Grumpy

      Funnily enough it is just 3 members that don't start topics like yourself that have this fixation for numbers. None of the uploaders seem to care and the staff certainly don't. If we had it our way those numbers would reflect only live posts and other statistics would only be visible to staff.

    4. luisam


      It's not a "fixation for numbers". As already stated, I can't care less about postcount. I find more important for my own statistics the views of my original posts and "community reputation". I simply find funny to be qualified as a "Newbie" just because the topics where I posted were deleted.

      Also, I only reply when I have something really useful to coment. If you are looking for members with "fixation" for postcounts, look for those who still REPLY "Thank you" or similar, and don't use the "button" without any significative content in their post.

  10. luisam

    How to use WhatsApp on Windows

    As for April 2018, current procedure is: In your computer, paste in the address bar of you https://web.whatsapp.com/ You'll get a page with a QR code Open WhatsApp on your smartphone, select WhatsApp Web from Chat menu Click on + (right side, up) Scan the QR code on the screen of your computer Your computer will sync with your smartphone opening WhatsApp
  11. This is a very nice share, great work,and it's never too late to congratulate to the poster for his initiative but i'm really sorry to expermient that only one of these link is stll working, at least for me, a google search for PDF files. So, if possible, please, try to update these really useful and needed links. Thank you SO MUCH!
  12. What makes a song considered to be included in the list of "the worst"? A piece of music needs to have been notable, popular, or memorable to be deemed the "worst ever", or it would be unlikely to top all-time public polls a few years after it was released. As such, a piece usually needs to have had a high-profile at the time of its release, such as an unexpected hit that was highly disliked outside of its fanbase, albums with poor material or songs that are most disappointing by artists. Scholarly accounts of the "worst music ever" are rare. Most polls or critical lists are light-hearted in nature, especially in pop music. Magazines reflect the preferences of their readers, and if polls are influenced by too small a group of readers or critics, they provide unreliable results. Most "worst ever" lists do not aim to take into account all music ever created, but are limited to certain time periods, styles of music, and geographical areas. Furthermore, individual tastes can vary widely, to the point where very little consensus on a worst song can be achieved; the winning song in a CNN e-mail poll received less than 5 percent of the total votes cast. You might agree or not with the items listed on "Not in Hall of Fame" - www.notinhalloffame.com - 100 Worst Songs of Modern Pop Culture: I guess that the only "problem" with many of those "blacklisted" songs is some stupid lyrics which might annoy people. I must confess that I don't care much about how deep or intellectual might be the lyrics of a song. I even realized that some of the song listed were not in my discography and found them interesting and worth enough to download. So, I feel it will be fun to browse this webpage: http://www.notinhalloffame.com/rock-and-roll/100-worst-songs-of-modern-pop-culture Definitively it's well documented "worst..." listings. For each song you have the comment of the poster, the link to the YouTube video and comments of registered followers of the website. You even can vote without signing in, selecting if you agree or not with the classification.
  13. luisam

    Turbobit - troubled bit?

    Looks they are OK if you PAY a premium account. Real-Debrid looked an interesting option but I registered there and when try to use it says that as a FREE USER I only can dowload at "happy hours". So, I'm not really happy. Any idea WHEN they have a happy hour? As for Alldebrid, they "cheated" at register indicating that I had a FREE option and also cheated me to give them a "like" on Facebook. After I validated, it returns that I can't liberate links without a premium account. So, what use can I give to my "free" account except deleting the "Iike" I gave them on Facebook?
  14. luisam

    Turbobit - troubled bit?

    PD: I checked trying to download with Google Chrome and using Windows 7 and get the same negative result. Turbobit keeps fooling me. So most probably they are blocking my ISP with the whole range of my IP. If most users don't have any important issue with Turbobit,,no way. As for rapidgator, my problem is that they give posters the option to restrict downloads to "only Premium" which should be a particular claim for a given case. Lately, Filefactory had been giving me good download results. Years ago it was a fairly popular hoster but currently has a somewhat reduced number of users.
  15. luisam

    Turbobit - troubled bit?

    I'm using mostly Firexfox directly with Windows XP, without proxy and no VPN. I don't believe my ISP is messing with hosters. Most probably it's Turbobit "blocking" downloads from my ISP. Anyway, I'll try Google Chrome on Windows 7, to check if there is any difference.