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Status Updates posted by luisam

  1. OK... once more I regained "Member" status, after some system update removed most of my previous posts and after about 8 years of membership downgraded me to "newbie". Well, good luck!

  2. Well, I don't understand why I became a "Newbie".  I recognize that I'm not a prolific poster. Made about 300 in 9 years, since I'm member of this forum. But somehow, they disappeared!...

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    2. luisam


      Thanks for your reply. SOMEHOW I SUSPECTED IT... Well, I'm also member of another forum, since about 2006. They've changed board software several times and postcount was never affected. But well, I presume you have more important issues to check than postcounts... At least profile view count was not reset. It's currently on 18,146 profile views.:wub: Quiete a lot, for a Newbie.

    3. Mr Grumpy

      Mr Grumpy

      Funnily enough it is just 3 members that don't start topics like yourself that have this fixation for numbers. None of the uploaders seem to care and the staff certainly don't. If we had it our way those numbers would reflect only live posts and other statistics would only be visible to staff.

    4. luisam


      It's not a "fixation for numbers". As already stated, I can't care less about postcount. I find more important for my own statistics the views of my original posts and "community reputation". I simply find funny to be qualified as a "Newbie" just because the topics where I posted were deleted.

      Also, I only reply when I have something really useful to coment. If you are looking for members with "fixation" for postcounts, look for those who still REPLY "Thank you" or similar, and don't use the "button" without any significative content in their post.