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  1. anionic

    My New Computer

    Hey Tech, Did you ever get an updated system? How about about an update?
  2. Nord vpn was hacked 1 1/2 years ago and they are only disclosing this now. I read this on a photography youtube channel in the comments. Does anyone know about this????
  3. anionic

    My New Computer

    If you need a better video card this HP has a 600watt power supply so you could add this Geforce RTX 2060 $359.99 https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1452261-REG/zotac_zt_t20600d_10m_geforce_rtx_2060_ampgb.html?SID=pcg-1145045937732247974
  4. anionic

    My New Computer

    Here is a cheaper option. Most people do not need dual cpu's or 64 gigs of ram. It will game and run programs. I use dual cpu's because I have to render video. Check this out. HP - Z420 Gaming PC Desktop 3.60GHz 16GB RAM 128GB SSD 1TB HDD GTX 1060 6GB US $454.99 https://www.ebay.com/itm/HP-Z420-Gaming-PC-Desktop-3-60GHz-16GB-RAM-128GB-SSD-1TB-HDD-GTX-1060-6GB/183505265551?epid=3030528835&hash=item2ab9c4238f:g:gF4AAOSwM3BdgoJd:sc:UPSGround!44266!US!-1
  5. anionic

    My New Computer

    This is an idea that may work for you. I edit video and photo and needed good machines at a reasonable price. While I liked buying the parts and making my own rigs it started to not make sense. I now buy workstations. I like HP but Dell and Lenovo can be had for similar specs and price. Ebay is your friend for this. Check this out: HP Z840 24-Core E5-2690 V3 2.6GHz-3.5GHz 64GB K2200 4GB Super Workstation Win10 https://www.ebay.com/itm/HP-Z840-24-Core-E5-2690-V3-2-6GHz-3-5GHz-64GB-K2200-4GB-Super-Workstation-Win10/172973727461?epid=2254501275&_trkparms=ispr%3D1&hash=item2846099ee5:g:f8QAAOSwbHpdkhiW:sc:UPSGround!44266!US!-1&enc=AQAEAAACMBPxNw%2BVj6nta7CKEs3N0qXHHsDARjcF7uYg%2FtgUS8wz1nCMmEGaBX9C9sqO%2FT5oHWUTFamr5yz%2B9LEHTiw8JNMhZ5u5LTF4zqCYgiivCmhZsQQUaymaARObqeMvLBE05%2F1JgkBy05h%2F8n8hrjvFlh6ykkO8Piie2b9E7TpW0PrZRLcgYoOPMRMe4uSCPxLQpEo5cv5zwSdEOFQMM1S%2F7wEu%2BsnT%2FOv%2B5DWf%2BjcnepEp5MHDz36LIZ%2Bn%2BRMNwWKA2rMEJGOrC7a3NLw0KvFuapXrugAfuekCEkHusTBDmpKeZ9ep2CYgri1Kd%2Fd%2B5n99uiYLLNu2VMUKJ%2FKPbpCYDnZ%2Bb1bOTMnEHVjmIODCYvv7B63E9qM3pWGmcpt0hG0ZDaFN5vj1s0482DddL8DmSaEFBnIjXO06V3QElDzZ878AVP33MS8lHIpsj91zqry5ij1dyqyhOzpYuT%2BfDNldAcd0c%2BJ%2F3rKHSi180a6SIQD3uoBFjqS49LErA9pdnhGNl25B0YmDLC%2F9m0pE9iGZ7qB7fJO9%2BOZ4tuuNqKfq8m30LDTE0Ra9Jvs0qkkNkbggsNclBg3hSn9kh1n%2FXGl2rPnAGx%2BqYoP6RUstWu7HqoJ22Rs2imKVBh2YGiXGhQiWPcV1pd%2BV%2F1HzY5D%2FRse8MttM1IdYZ5%2FcY4hLEML2cYMwAxuIylEuBDLtoI2%2FzwsP4%2BG3dr9zr%2FrdsJy5gxBnVTPj7xo%2B%2FaVenVSMVeJOUlMC&checksum=17297372746115ca79444f50443d8fdfd7654eac45fb