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  1. TravEYE

    How did you find CyberPhoenix ?

    Many many moons ago I stumbled across a file that i needed and along with it was a notepad attachment, It suggested that I come over here if I was looking quality shares and a great community share with. I came, I saw, I shared and totally fell in love. And I have been here ever since. Thanks y'all for doing what ya do. TravEYE
  2. TravEYE

    Funny Smart Cars ...

    My wife wants the Hello Kitty one
  3. Becoming the best Hellbilly that I can be

  4. Thanks Glad I could bring a smile 2 Ur face ;)

  5. [ dirtylow: Search is 4 wimps. Manual the the way of the hero ]


    Best quote of the night for me...luv it!


    Get in touch with your Manual-self...LOL!