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  1. Try this one: CD Key: D6K4P-92D43-Y9RTQ-GF98B-JTJBJ
  2. ChasX

    Forum graphics error or just me?

    Fixed! Thanks!
  3. I see this when I login to Cyberwarez....
  4. I finally made a successful torrent on Demonoid to hosts my Warhammer 40K ebook, Priests of Mars. It starts off good and then I noticed a slow down in my internet. My torrent file then went to dead status. I think my ISP is killing the Bittorent protocal. It is such a pain to get someone to make a torrent for me on there as the always download my file from somewhere else, then they never post it on Demonoid. This is getting annoying!!
  5. Thank you for the info! I guess I will just have to keep in mind to do that at the beginning.
  6. Is there a way to add a password to a winrar file after the rar file has been created? Normally I do this as part of the creation process but I was wondering if I could do this after the fact if I forget to do it from the start. Thanks!
  7. Stop using Internet Explorer. That will help!
  8. ChasX

    The woman with the longest Life span

    She oiled up her body you say? I bet she was playing in a "Hot Naked OilyTwister" tournament!!
  9. ChasX

    Post your internet connection speed

    They offer a 30 and 50 Mbps too. Maybe someday I will upgrade to the 50!!
  10. ChasX

    Smart bullet a tiny guided missile

    Those things will take all the fun out of warfare!!
  11. I saw a site where they have small islands for sale. They should buy that and make their own micro country on it!
  12. ChasX

    Some download alternatives

    Nothing personal but your avatar pic is really creeping me out!!
  13. Alright, most of the good services are blocking the US. Is there a good work around that will allow the use of download manager like JDownloader to access these sites? Thanks folks!!
  14. Indeed, thanks for the link! It workes better than any I have tried before!