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  1. JubaL

    mp4 to dvd

    Have you looked at Xilisoft DVD Creator? Fairly user friendly. large number of template styles for building the front end DVD menu. I use it, works well for me.
  2. Anytime-up key worked fine!! You rule bro!! thanx bigtime!!!
  3. Beg On Bended Knee Mode: = ON I would really appreciate it if you could pm an aytime-up key to me. the x64 side of my my Win7 Home Prem installation is crippled/dying and system acts very flakey. Example:= i've lost use of WMPlayer11 from win-err: "Can't find 64 bit path". the geek-tech forums are full of folk griping about this WMP error because it disables WMP11 for good. if you try to reinstall from from MS's WMP11 install package it will refuse to install over a newer version of it. MS is characteristicly deaf to all of this offering no fixes. they're not even addressing the subject to my knowlege. i'm thinking upgrade to ult is the only fix for my system's seemingly permanentt broken x64 configuration. anyway you see my need so please pm me an anytime-up key? Beg On Bended Knee Mode: = OFF
  4. you have valid anytime W7 upgrade keys? I sure would like to hear about those!
  5. JubaL

    Search function

    That would work for me to. I was seaching for DFX the other day ...but... the search engine doesn't like such short strings