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  1. alertosus

    You Know You are Living in 2003 When...

    " You wake up at 2 AM to go to the bathroom and check your email on your way back to bed. " LOL, good old times
  2. Nice life hacks. Thank you for posting. I have see most of them, but the razor one is cool and practical
  3. alertosus

    Post your internet connection speed

    Bad compared to most, but can't get better at the moment so use 4G when available.
  4. alertosus

    Strange and Interesting Facts ....

    Cool list mate Didn't know most of this
  5. alertosus

    Write your name in Japanese

    katakushichimoaridoari LOL, cool
  6. alertosus

    what is ur name and your country

    Name: Alertosus Country: EU
  7. alertosus

    Which Anti-Virus to use?

    Found out that combination of Eset internet security with Malwarebytes works great, but just to be safe I use NoScipt to block all scripts and unblock only those I need.
  8. alertosus


    Hi mate and welcome
  9. alertosus

    Hi mates :)

    Hi mates Long time member with long offline period due to real life obligations, but hopefully I will have more free time to once again upload and post quality content, mostly in TV and Movie sections P.S. Big thank you goes to Tech 425 for helping me restore access to my account. I really appreciate it