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  1. Hi everyone ! I am trying to backup my mobile phone and i am looking for an excellent backup software, please tell me which ones to use Regards, Shakur223
  2. shakur223

    Need Microsoft Windows Server 2008

    thank you very much. i appreciate it very much.
  3. Hi, Can someone help me locate: Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 Enterprise for 64 Bit Computer plus activated. Please let me know, i need it urgent. i will be very grateful to you.
  4. shakur223

    I want to help - [COMPLETED]

    You can really connect to a device connected to wifi without somehow disabling the firewall which by default is activated by Microsoft even doing so the default settings on windows is set to do no allow connection unless there is password present. it is now a days impossible unless the device you trying to connect is unsecured or uses less security.
  5. shakur223

    Need An Application

    Hi there! I am looking for Oncontact CRM managment software. I would like to know if anyone could upload it. Thanks, Shakur223