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  1. I have been flying with those F-22 Raptors in 2014 - 2015,tooo much noise inside the cockpit...
  2. https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0102293/
  3. tsonos

    Post your internet connection speed

    And Here's a Fresh One...
  4. tsonos

    Old or Young Woman

    I Can't c the Pic at All !!!
  5. tsonos

    Cp Red Logo

    What is Going On??Did Y Find the prob??
  6. tsonos

    what is ur name and your country

    Name: tsonos Location: Under Raedwulf's Post...
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    A Comics subforum in the ebooks section

    We R Waiting 4 them,please...
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    Cannot Post My Signature

    LOL!!!barra made 1 post and gone Away....
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    Official | CyberPhoenix | Stamp