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  1. fennfam3

    Pc going restarting

    let us know the outcome of your motherboard. Sucks that you have to go that rout.
  2. fennfam3

    Pc going restarting

    Hey cyber.....yea kinda threw me for a loop that YOU are asking for help. Sounds like you have covered quite a bit but I will add a few suggestions if you haven't already done so. 1) check all connections. 2) possible power supply issue 3) if stays on long enough try running software that will give temps (possible over heating?) 4) run good av program 5) does pc do this in safe mode? 6) if removing the cpu, r u also replacing the thermal paste? 7) I have to ask this, r u placing the ram in correct slot(s) see pic below. Also, is this a new build? does your ram match in the bios? are you overclocking?
  3. fennfam3

    Recovery deleted msg Nokia

    it should work for sms also.
  4. fennfam3

    Recovery deleted msg Nokia

    Download FExplorer (google it) Open and browse to system then mail. Should be files like 0000001or 0000100 etc these are the deleted mail files.
  5. fennfam3

    help please

    orbstah, There does seem to be an issue with buying a premium with mojofile. I would suggest that you contact them about the issue. I tried to see if I could buy a premium and got the same thing. It looks like you can download from there for free but of course it will be at a much slower download speed.
  6. fennfam3

    win7 cannot highlight ,copy and past on all web pages

    reithway, it could have been an update that might have caused this. It is hard telling. I highly suggest that you simply do a system restore just before this started happening.
  7. fennfam3

    113 Useful RUN command

    Great post cyber. very useful info
  8. fennfam3

    [How To] Port Forwarding - Noob Detalied

    Hey F3AR whats up? check out my post above. I think it can explain.
  9. fennfam3

    Takin Back Our Country

    Good one Dragon.
  10. fennfam3

    Please Recommend Some Recovery Software.

    In addition to what vigneshnallamad stated, if you wish to recover anything, then it must be done almost instantly at the time of the loss for those files are being overwritten right away. As far as better recovery software out there, I am sure there is, but would be very expensive. Check back to this tread for a few days and maybe someone can recommend a better software for you. I hope anyway. Good luck my CW friend. I wish I could have been more help. fennfam3
  11. fennfam3

    Takin Back Our Country

  12. fennfam3

    Windows 7 Is Not Genuine

    Hey v, can you hook me up with a key? I have a built one but you can use ASUS. I also have Windows 7 Ultimate.
  13. fennfam3


    As Mr Grumpy said, there are rapidshare links on here. I did a quick search as stated and got 194 hits.