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  1. ski9826

    FreeRapid Downloader

    Main links on site not working, but mirrors are
  2. ski9826

    Need Help with laptop computer PLEASE

    Get the one that's an ISO and you burn it to cd. Boot from cd and it'll run an abbreviated version of linux. Find the partition with windows on it (just follow the prompts) and reset password of the user who was admin on the machine. Save. Remove cd, reboot. Voila. It's a super tiny ISO file.
  3. ski9826

    How to Download Only Audio from a Youtube Video?

    Or you can do this: Find the URL for the vid you want to listen to. Copy it. Go to www.youtube-mp3.org Paste the URL into the box and click the convert button. Click the download link.
  4. Hey man, nice guide. My phone is already rooted but I may use this after a bad OTA!
  5. 89...Winmerge is on there twice Thanks so much! I needed a couple of these.
  6. ski9826

    Deep Web Users Are Ready To Launch Silk Road 2.0

    I miss silk road
  7. ski9826

    Meet the machines that steal your phone’s data

    Great, and here I thought I'd make it through the day without crapping my pants finally....but alas...
  8. Heh. I've hung out in their QA department before...those guys (at least back in 2000 when I worked across the street) work for like 2 hours a day, get paid for 8 hours (at a nice rate too) then play video games and bullshit the rest of the time...must be nice! I hit 98 hours last week and got paid for 40...this week looks like it will be about the same.
  9. Unfortunately, other browsers don't really play well with M$ products sometimes and I have to knock the dust off my IE Btrowser....(IE: Sharepoint, office365 portal, etc.)
  10. ski9826

    Hidden Android Secret Codes

    Just unlocked my bootloader, just before it tried to make me update so I wouldn't be able to....woot! Droid Razr HD.
  11. ski9826

    Want Suggestion on buying ssd.

    Hrm, maybe I need to be ordering from your country....
  12. ski9826

    Want Suggestion on buying ssd.

    I like the samsung and intel ones...There will be a happy balance between cost and performance for each individual person. Be sure that you maximize your interface's performance potential by matching the sata (I, II, III) to your machine's interface - if you don't plan on moving the drive ever, and you only have sata II on your machine, just get one of those and save a few bucks. But really, you're probably getting the drive for the performance increase, so try to go with the fastest available bus. Also, better to overestimate the size of the drive that you will need...really sucks to run out of space and have to deal with issues resulting in that. I buy them off Amazon.com usually. ***Edit*** Hold on, 2TB? That seems excessive and also really overly expensive. Are you seriously wanting to fork out $6000 for one of these? I would get a smaller drive and couple it with a high speed HD and optimize where files are stored....250GB or 500GB should be plenty...
  13. Forgot to say: Droid Razr HD with Next Launcher 3D - my favorite launcher so far...