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  1. bobigoca

    Problem with PDF

    Adobe reader is already installed v10.0 Believe is because of admin protection. Thanks again
  2. bobigoca

    Problem with PDF

    I/m working at my office with pdf format docs, wich are with form fields. Question, why some converted word to pdf and pdf -a docs wont work on my pc at work.Mainly this problem is on pc, which have an admin password and forbiden for install etc.. some pdf are working only with pdfxviewer. How I can use the pdf files with formfields on any comp. Thanks to all for help resolving the problem I hope that I explain the problem well.
  3. need reg code for Wolfensten> the new order I,m sick of surveys Thanks
  4. bobigoca

    Nitro 8 [Complete]

  5. bobigoca

    Nitro 8 [Complete]

    I need Nitro 8 portable.
  6. bobigoca

    Simple request

    Need an simple coomand in command interpretor(comm. prompt), that on certain date will delete one file from my comp. or whatever without instalaton and simple Thanks in advance
  7. bobigoca

    Video Edit Software-spec capabilities

    Here is example of exacyly what i want to do. Look at this video on youtube, on 0.40 sek., you will see a red circle. Well i need same thing. Thanks again, mate.
  8. I need an video edit soft, that in video can insert circles or points(like in some videos, where we want to point some thing), while the object is moving. I,m making an project with video files(video that contains road capabilities-holes and other object) and want to point to them with circle,point or double lines, like some youtibe videos. Hope i explain the problem Please this is urgent, since have to finish the project for two days. Thanks for all help.
  9. www.Warez-Site.org - Register here !