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  1. Certainly busted a few for me! Thanks for the info
  2. joelynx

    Android tips and tricks

    Learned a few things there! Thanks
  3. Hi guys, I've just started learning making a web site, so looking for any info on instruction and help. Thanks
  4. Love these, so clever!!
  5. joelynx

    forgive me for I have sinned

    Could think of a better reply! LOL
  6. joelynx

    Something to make you feel good

    Let the wind gan' free LOL
  7. joelynx

    Four blokes

    Women say we don't listen to what they say.........well LOLO
  8. joelynx

    No Sir, Officer, We've just been fishing...

    Oh wow, a dream come true! drool lol
  9. a paddle, or would you like something else?