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  1. MKW

    Six Golden Rules

    I thought it was FARTING until I read your last message
  2. MKW

    Things u Love..

    Patient Parents
  3. MKW

    The Pastor's Ass

    your 'flag girl' also has a cute a**
  4. MKW

    Some Funny Images - 2

    what an artistic child - love the last one.
  5. MKW

    Funny Two Liners ...

    AWESOME! favorite one: There are two kinds of people who don't say much: those who are quiet and those who talk a lot.
  6. MKW

    Browsers & people ...

    I resent this thread - this Granny DOES NOT USE IE due to being a GEEK
  7. I really have no memory of JFK using that last quote...LOL!
  8. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL!!!! that is great! thanks for the laugh.
  9. MKW

    Half price lifetime membership

    Cyberwarez on sale??? had I know I would still have bought at the regular price..LOL!
  10. MKW

    Difficult to Say When Drunk

    I love the third section - and even after 2 beers I could pronounce all the words P.S. my limit is 2 beers
  11. MKW

    Its true and true

    I must have alot more 'male' in me than 'female' - it would take me 10 minutes because I would look at how the jeans were made and if the seams were straight before I bought anything.
  12. MKW

    The History Of Women!!

  13. MKW

    Things u Love..