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  1. Do not leave advertising

  2. MKW

    Six Golden Rules

    I thought it was FARTING until I read your last message
  3. MKW

    Things u Love..

    Patient Parents
  4. MKW

    The Pastor's Ass

    your 'flag girl' also has a cute a**
  5. MKW

    Some Funny Images - 2

    what an artistic child - love the last one.
  6. MKW

    Funny Two Liners ...

    AWESOME! favorite one: There are two kinds of people who don't say much: those who are quiet and those who talk a lot.
  7. MKW

    Browsers & people ...

    I resent this thread - this Granny DOES NOT USE IE due to being a GEEK
  8. I really have no memory of JFK using that last quote...LOL!
  9. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL!!!! that is great! thanks for the laugh.
  10. MKW

    Half price lifetime membership

    Cyberwarez on sale??? had I know I would still have bought at the regular price..LOL!
  11. all threads deleted due to text message for password and online survey reported by members

  12. MKW

    Difficult to Say When Drunk

    I love the third section - and even after 2 beers I could pronounce all the words P.S. my limit is 2 beers
  13. MKW

    Its true and true

    I must have alot more 'male' in me than 'female' - it would take me 10 minutes because I would look at how the jeans were made and if the seams were straight before I bought anything.