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  1. Oxymoron

    Official Signature & Avatar Request Thread

    Thank you @Kevindina
  2. Oxymoron

    hey, all

    Welcome to CyperPhoenix Enjoy your stay here, follow the rules and ask for help if you need any
  3. Oxymoron

    A Legend Is Here...

    Hahaha, welcome and I like the GIF
  4. Oxymoron

    Old New Member xD

    Welcome and Enjoy your stay here
  5. Oxymoron

    hi all

    Heya Welcome to CyberPhoenix, enjoy your stay here
  6. Oxymoron

    Official CP UserBar-s Request Thread

    I'd like V1 with black instead of the white background, thanks
  7. Congrat for ur Rank DownMod :)

    1. Oxymoron


      Thank you very much :)

  8. Oxymoron

    Official Signature & Avatar Request Thread

    Size in pixel: 500x200 Text: Oxymoron Subtext: CyberPhoenix Color Preferences: Your pick Style: Grunge, Abstract, Vector, etc.: You guys pick, I don't mind Anything Special: If you can, it'd be great if you can remove Sasuke from the render (The guy in blue, in the back), if you can't that is okay too Render/Stock URL: http://fc01.deviantart.net/fs71/f/2012/021/1/6/ns_unsg___naruto_and_sasuke_render_by_xsaiyan-d4n4gr8.png Thank you!
  9. Oxymoron

    new guy here

    Welcome to CyberPhoenix Enjoy your stay here
  10. Oxymoron

    Welcome back :)

    Very happy to be back here
  11. Oxymoron

    new Priest in town

    lmao nice one xP
  12. People will know who knows C++ programming and other Computer Science stuff (somewhat)
  13. Oxymoron

    Edit Shouts

    Yeah, maybe for VIPs, but still, I do not think it should be editable o.o just my thought...