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  1. Cyber Ghost

    cookie break

    that was a little funny XD
  2. Cyber Ghost

    Write your name in Japanese

    MiRiShiKiAriCHiMONORiKUSHi :S got that a mouth full
  3. Cyber Ghost

    Not Your Average Wax Figures

    they are really good
  4. Cyber Ghost

    Hachiko, the Faithful Dog ....

    Loved that film it was sooo sad felt sorry for the dog
  5. Cyber Ghost

    locked labtop

    well with a bios password dont you just taken the inturnal battery and laptop battary out for 30seconds then put them back in ?
  6. Cyber Ghost

    Firefox add-on that skips download waiting time sites

    thanks gonna give it a try now, is there chrome verison do you know ??
  7. Cyber Ghost

    Copy Special Characters

    Thanks for this need a site that does this can never remember half of them lol have them save it a notepad file can use this to update it....cheers
  8. Cyber Ghost

    10 GB Free File Storage!

    it if helps https://mega.co.nz/ off you 50GB of free space aswell
  9. Cyber Ghost


    u can use sharepod, i use it all the time as i am never in the same place when i change songs of my External hard-drive lol
  10. Cyber Ghost

    Hachiko, the Faithful Dog ....

    i remember that film,