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    PC monitor no signal

    Do you have another pc or laptop to try on first, im not too sure but had to get a moniter screen with hdmi or a connection with more outputs for your pc maybe look on amazon for an attachment for your vgs cable maybe ? see if you can get a connector to attach everything too, hope this helps or not but good luck thanks Here is a link for info and contact support hope this sorts out your moniter.. https://eu.aoc.com/en/support
  2. luckyyou66

    PC monitor no signal

    Hey there, i had same problem last year and my moniter would,nt come on either, so i had to setup my moniter up with an HDMI lead and that sorted the problem, hope this helps all the best and hope this sorts out your problem and best 2021..
  3. luckyyou66

    YIFY.TV - All the torrent movies now for streaming in HD

    Thanks for the Link and have a great new year. 2014
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    The longest sentence ever!

  5. Nice 2 be back here again

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      Nice to have you back mate :)