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  1. morgan23

    MS Word

    Thanks for the in-depth reply. Appreciated
  2. morgan23

    WDC RED & Adata ssd

    Great! OS is Win 10. Really appreciated. Many thanks
  3. morgan23

    WDC RED & Adata ssd

    My motherboard has connection to receive the Adata SX8200 PCIe M.2 . But I will check. How's the weather on Pluto? Many thanks
  4. morgan23

    WDC RED & Adata ssd

    Hi folks! Is it possible to install a Adata SX8200 PCIe M.2 on the same motherboard as WDC HDD Thanks
  5. morgan23

    SSD Cooler

    WOW!!!! uk666. Will be fitting it rapidly. Many thanks.
  6. morgan23

    SSD Cooler

    Wow "Pluto" Cheers
  7. morgan23

    SSD Cooler

    I had one sent with my 2tb PCIe M.2 card. Are they necessary,? people have different opinions Thanks
  8. morgan23

    MS Word

    MS Word needed please TIA
  9. morgan23

    Error messages!

    I will pass on your regards
  10. morgan23

    Error messages!

    Sorry for the delay in replying just got out from hospital. Went over on my ankle resulting in a head injury a damaged hand/fingers, 8 finger tips heavily grazed and badly grazed knee. This is his wife typing as my half-baked husband cannot stay upright..NO he was sober lol When he's back to normal he will complete your instructions to the letter and sends his regards to all Thanks'
  11. morgan23

    Error messages!

    Many thanks
  12. morgan23

    Error messages!

    Sorry altered thread above.
  13. morgan23

    Error messages!

    Hi folks. I cannot load/install any new programmes or apps due to the attached error boxes. I have tried ADW and Advanced Sys Repair to no avail. The first and last images appear on start up the middle appears when I try to install new software/apps Any help would be much appreciated. Regards
  14. morgan23

    Daily Health Check [Completed]

    That would be fine please... Regards
  15. Advanced Uninstaller Pro's Daily Health Check App. Activation code needed please. Regards M23