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  1. ok. good stuff. yeah, grandly sorted. must have missed the ANTI-WPA in ur up/lds i s'ppose there aren't many still using Xp. not that long ago[last 4-6 yrs], there were ~ 400 M folk out there who used it. there were at that time measured seemingly, 1 B destop pcs globally. dunno 'bout now. interesting tho' i thought. loyal? hmm. loyal[ty] requires something that works well to start with and won't really go anyhere else. pity they packed up on XP...and ''moved on UP'' to ''better''?? up to where exactly ? :) oh plse. lol :(
  2. ty man. had a go, the 'hard way'. it failed...was careful and exact with instructs. also, with the server offerings put up...they failed . frustrating...esp as the fated warning was still there, after rebooting sometime later. went looking in an old storage drive, forgotten...and there was this. https://1fichier.com/?kn8h5c3l3l9ikqlohaxo the above files[within zip] worked! NO WARNINGS!!! whooopppp! another may need it on a 'bad' day... thnx R
  3. hello, if someone on this site wud have an XP PRO 'load-er' to activate XP Pro [Academic, the OS version needing activation] i wud be most grateful. thanks ahead.