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  1. App Rejection can be if you are not full filling the Apple UI Guideline... due to poor design i guess they can not Reject App because the way you make design is yours not theirs.  But it is True that new Apps in App Store should have a Standard not like the other ones in later iOS's such as iOS 7 or 8...

  2. Text: chaithanya

    Subtext: netlinker

    Render/Stock URL: http://www.richardcrouse.ca//wp-content/uploads/2013/09/iron-man-jan-23.jpg

    Color Preferences: red

    Style: Grunge, Abstract, Vector, etc.:  matrix with red colour in background

    Anything special:sholu have a glassy look



    please make signature


    This Signature Can't be Done bcs u are usign another UserNames in the Request not the UserName u have in CyberPhoenix..


    Thanks GFX Staff