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  1. GlaSs MaSter

    CyberPhoenix Wallpaper HD

    Just something for reDesigned CP simple and modern wallpaper enjoy folks... CP logo i dont have it on my Laptop its in the old PC so this one just with Font Best wishes GM...
  2. GlaSs MaSter

    Logo and FB Setup for a thing I'm doing

    nice design at all ! an advice from me: in Second Design try to avoid those hard Shadows... the point to shadow is that if you find the correct way of using it, it will give to the design very Modern and Clean look.. Regard GM
  3. GlaSs MaSter

    Another UI/UX Showcase

    My last work in this App Showcase... just something i got on PC to show in CyberPhoenix Check app: https://therealfouz.co/wp-content/uploads/2018/03/Showcase-3.png
  4. GlaSs MaSter

    New Simple and Beauty Design

    Just trying to make something in free time enjoy your view with City Live Cam: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/city-live-cam/id1355506487?ls=1&mt=8
  5. GlaSs MaSter

    iOS App Design

    My last work for one iOS app called City Live Cam it is Live Stream camera for almos best places around the world... here it is some Design i have been making... Link for App Store: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/city-live-cam/id1355506487?ls=1&mt=8 Enjoy your view Best regard Glass Master
  6. GlaSs MaSter

    Official CP UserBar-s Request Thread

    i will find .PSD project soon as possible and will make one for you regard GM
  7. GlaSs MaSter

    logo with my position and name

  8. GlaSs MaSter

    Welcome our new Staff Leaders

    Congrat to both of you guys you both are doing very good job in CP... best wishes GM
  9. GlaSs MaSter

    Sweet Dreams 80's Signature - Pink

    right color choosen... keep going...
  10. GlaSs MaSter

    Cp LoGo

    One of first Cp logos when i start to design the logo ...this logo have just these who have been in Cp from begining of the community..
  11. GlaSs MaSter

    Fashion Retouch | .RAW file

    its not my shoot its by internet shooted with 5D mark II.. .RAW file i retouch.. images are to large... After: Before:
  12. GlaSs MaSter

    Next Pro Retouch...

    Original... Retouched... Regard GlaSs MaSter
  13. GlaSs MaSter

    Pro Retouching Portrait

    After Before Professional Retouching of Portrait with Photoshop.... Professional Photoshoot need for Pro Retouching... Focus has been to make cut Eyes.... BEFORE... Regard GlaSs MaSter...