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    Samsung netbooks

    I have two samsung netbooks, I got them cheap as niether had any OS on them... I assumed installing Windows on them would be same as with all laptops and pre built PCs, a simple task.... Unfortunately i am at a loss with these damned things!! i have tried everything including using the diskpart cmds to fully clean the hdds on both and a variety of different softwares which all promise to deliveer but never do.... I have however succeeded in retrieving the entire contents of both the hdds from them with the vain hope i can find a program or a guide which will tell me how I can use the recovered data to maybe reinstall the original windows starter/basic systems on them as from there i know i can sort them both out and upgrade both thier windows versions and finally get rid of the bloody things... Everytime i get to the installation step where it shows the hdd partitions etc. i see a `!` and the words windows cannot be installed here and something about the hardware maybe not supporting the procedure... apart from only being able to run live operating systems (both win and ubuntu variants) they are in perfect working order and look like new.... both have the original hardware in them and that includes the HDDs... Does anyone here know a website which can show me in dummy form preferably with pictures or video which might show me where I keep ging wrong ? I know it`s something really simple that I keep missing.... I have never had any problem with any other make or model of netbooks apart from Samsung N150 plus ones..... I even emailed samsung and the UK support people asking them for a restore disc or something knowing it would incur a cost but they offered me nothing as apparently they don`t sell such services for them as they don`t involve any chance of selling me customer care packages or signing me up for any of thier latest more expensive hardware with the disc..... The main hurdle with them supporting the netbooks seems to stem from them originally being part of a obile internet subscription package which was a 18 month contract and ownership of the netbooks after the contract had ended for the customers.... I am now at a point where if i sell them as they are i will get my money back, but if I can install a system on them thier value will double and justify my wasting with them in the first place... I could do with offloading them as I wish to use the cash to get my daughter a laptop that she can use when she starts college ain a couple of months..... Nothing flash just something that is funtional with a internal dvd drive etc..... Any help would be gratefully accepted guys .. Thanks in advance.. :-) PS. both are samsung N150 plus Netbooks same as the one on the link .... http://www.samsung.com/uk/support/model/NP-N150-JA01UK