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  1. i am new to programming and got this homework.....i am to use vectors....and i am completely lost..hope someone can assist me....thanks Write an application that allows the user to create a DVDs inventory. User input the title of the DVS and bonus materials, and that information is stored (a vector would be a great choice). The application’s menu is provided for you. You must create a menu as shown below: Select on the following options: 1- Enter DVD information 2- View DVD information 3- Exit the application Enter selection: 1 Enter DVD title: Thor the Dark World Enter DVD length: 90 Enter bonus info title 1: First bonus info Enter bonus info length 1:10 Enter bonus info title 2: Second bonus info Enter bonus info length 2: 15 Enter bonus info title 3: Third bonus info Enter bonus info length 3: 20 Your DVD information was entered successfully! Enter selection: 2 DVD Information Title: Thor the Dark World Length:90 Bonus Info: Title 1: First bonus info Length 1: 10 Title 2: Second bonus info Length 2: 15 Title 3: Third bonus info Length 3: 20