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  1. Gremlinn

    Breath of Fire 4 Signature

    Hahaha...master of words,u are! Just my opinion..someone else will see it differently as art is subjective
  2. Gremlinn

    Breath of Fire 4 Signature

    Not too bad..lol Work on that bg, it looks mix matched. Transition it smoother. The light FX aren't really complimenting your render.Arrange it to match the render's flow. Maybe try a diff blend mode on that smudging to screen or something. It looks kinda dark and smothering on the render. I like that text, but it's too far away. Placed closer to his shoulder would look much better i think and sample colors from the sig for the text so it blends better. Lastly, watch the depth. It;s over sharp on some parts and over blurred on others.Instead of brushing the blur, maybe try a gradient blur so it's smooth. Like i said, not bad..it will get better with more practice.
  3. Gremlinn

    FUNNY Pics

    hehehe, i needed a good laugh,thanks
  4. Gremlinn

    Official Signature & Avatar Request Thread

    come on dood..this is what i mean State all of what you want in the beginning. 1) It gets to be a pain to having to keep going back to add things and 2) It stops me from finishing something else i may be working on If you tell me everything you want in your first post, i can do things alot faster and efficient. We can't read your minds guys, so please be more exact in what you want and fill the request template as complete as you can. I don't mind making you things but you have to work with us! I'll change the "D" but i don't really do walls,ok?
  5. Gremlinn

    Arisu Reiji Tag

    Looks good overall but the bg looks a bit too busy. That c4d in the bottom left distracts a little. Text looks good..maybe bit too dark
  6. Gremlinn

    Drawing Practice

    All i can say is wow..again! That app from deviant is pretty cool and your art is awesome! I can't wait to see more from you nm, i looked at your Deviant acct..LOVED IT! Now i have to join Deviant to see the rest..haha
  7. Gremlinn

    Official Signature & Avatar Request Thread

    I thought you wanted a Av I've been a little busy wrapping up other requests and and working on a tutor class. I can start on it now if no one else hasn't started.
  8. Gremlinn

    Drawing Practice

    You drew that? wowww you should make a book,man!! excellent work
  9. Gremlinn

    Official Signature & Avatar Request Thread

    ah,ok. I remembered you orig said you wanted the text in Barca colors, that's why i changed it. So the yellow is ok..got it
  10. Gremlinn

    Official Signature & Avatar Request Thread

    Ok, how's this?
  11. Gremlinn

    CyberPhoenix Sig making tut classes

    Thanks Kev! Pred, we will continue in your thread