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  1. Gremlinn

    Breath of Fire 4 Signature

    Hahaha...master of words,u are! Just my opinion..someone else will see it differently as art is subjective
  2. Gremlinn

    Breath of Fire 4 Signature

    Not too bad..lol Work on that bg, it looks mix matched. Transition it smoother. The light FX aren't really complimenting your render.Arrange it to match the render's flow. Maybe try a diff blend mode on that smudging to screen or something. It looks kinda dark and smothering on the render. I like that text, but it's too far away. Placed closer to his shoulder would look much better i think and sample colors from the sig for the text so it blends better. Lastly, watch the depth. It;s over sharp on some parts and over blurred on others.Instead of brushing the blur, maybe try a gradient blur so it's smooth. Like i said, not bad..it will get better with more practice.
  3. Gremlinn

    FUNNY Pics

    hehehe, i needed a good laugh,thanks
  4. Gremlinn

    Arisu Reiji Tag

    Looks good overall but the bg looks a bit too busy. That c4d in the bottom left distracts a little. Text looks good..maybe bit too dark
  5. Gremlinn

    Drawing Practice

    All i can say is wow..again! That app from deviant is pretty cool and your art is awesome! I can't wait to see more from you nm, i looked at your Deviant acct..LOVED IT! Now i have to join Deviant to see the rest..haha
  6. Gremlinn

    Drawing Practice

    You drew that? wowww you should make a book,man!! excellent work
  7. Gremlinn

    CyberPhoenix Sig making tut classes

    Thanks Kev! Pred, we will continue in your thread
  8. Gremlinn

    Drawing Practice

    I'm having probs seeing the pics for some reason
  9. Gremlinn

    Dare Devil Tag Tutorial

    Most excellent sig gift..i'm sure he loved it! Great tut and great result..well done bud! Thanks for sharing this
  10. I thought these would be helpful. http://gfxbb.deviantart.com/art/Basic-Sig-Making-Elements-91647487 Nice quick walkthru.. and this is one i used to learn from long ago! http://senthrax.deviantart.com/art/Full-Signature-Tutorial-55042010 This is one of the most detailed tuts out there, but remember no tut is to be followed EXACTLY. It's main purpose is to teach TECHNIQUES. Also, i will add that is would be best if you had a nice size collection of supplies; 1) Fonts 2) Brushes 3) Renders 4) Stocks 5) Textures 6) C4d's 7) Fractals If you need some links,let us know.
  11. Gremlinn

    What is your hobby

    Photoshop is my main one right now
  12. Gremlinn

    Recently made Sigs

    I understand your need to fill it,that space comes from your composition. If you arranged your focal differently, there would be less space. But, if you want to keep it like this, you can always add more elements to the bg or even multiple clips. You just need to keep the flow nice and smooth. Many ways to fill that space AND keep with the flow!
  13. We will be trying a new feature for the GFX section to help our members. This will be a total walk-thru of making a sig from concept to finish. Once a member applies, the tutor and the student will have a whole thread to themselves in which to work,only those two will be allowed to post in that thread to keep confusion down. Others will be able to watch the progress. You will need a min of 25 posts to apply. Once the session begins, the tutor and the student will decide on what type of sig to make, which render/stock to use.The student will start it off and where the tutor tells you to stop at a certain level, they will then upload the psd to the tutor so he or she can give cnc,letting you know what you did right or wrong, how to correct it. maybe show you examples of how it can be done and offer some suggestions,then pass the psd back to the student. This will continue until the sig is done. Hopefully by the end,the student will have learned something more than what they knew before and have a clearer understanding of the process. Since this is a work in progress,there may not be that many tutors so we ask that if you apply,please have some patience and someone will get to you eventually. When you apply,make one post including 3 recent works. Once a tutor posts your next step,you will have 2 days to respond before your thread is closed to keep things moving along. If for some reason you can't,let your tutor know before the time is up so something can be arranged. Apply in this thread and when accepted,you will see a new thread with your name. Respond asap.
  14. Gremlinn

    Getting Carried Away in PhotoShop :p

    great job at expressing yourself..i'll give you that..hahaha