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  1. daytrader

    Slow download using Alldebrid

    normal issue when using Alldebrid...go for a certain account host plan or use a vpn account like I do and switch IP between downloads and use fast free accounts from trusted users who post these free accounts....most of the time for me, it's not on this site tho..sorry.
  2. Hmmm .... AVG killed the download??? Something is suspect
  3. daytrader

    How to disable Skype advertisements

  4. daytrader

    How Do I Create Windows Administrator?

    Yea, if ya gotta ask...then for sure: use the right click as Administrator before your required function and make your self the Admin of your PC. Sounds funny, but is how it works.
  5. daytrader

    Internet provider blocking site (solved)

    yea, I used noir vpn dot com and all works again
  6. daytrader

    How we do things in Norway...

    Yea, so the post which was over 90% English....you could have removed the so called "offending" remarks ( 6-8 words) that I made to the OP, I might add. It was made in fun and good taste....something a SMOD like TLW would enjoy. I'm sure if he was offended, he could have kicked me instead...did you ask him if its was OK? I understand the rules, I was smod B4 you were. I guess being a mod here, looking for something to do...., never mind, I'll stop B4 I get killed, I'll call it a day... So I guess this means that post 12 also breaks the rules as well ( by a smod even) or is looked at the other way?? I understand what is being said, but 90% of the people will not by the end comment on the post. Be fair, otherwise you look bad. "rule 7 is accurate here saa212"
  7. daytrader

    How we do things in Norway...

    Sorry LW, some mod deleted my last post here because I spoke to YOU in your mother tongue. Just a few words that I thought you might like ( like 6-8 words ) but clearly some mods are into provoking and not trying to keep members. I will not go back into detail of what I said, but to bad I missed you a few months back when I was nearby. I guess this one will be edited as well, I might be flaming, or ??
  8. daytrader

    Old HDD - New Box

    Just copy the files u need from vista and learn the new OS on the new PC, which is what I suspect the issue is... Win 7, Win8 or new soon Win 10 are what yo must get use to....
  9. daytrader

    3 Ways to Repair Windows 8

    Yea, ok, but the real trick is keep all private data off the C drive..keep Windows ( if this what you use) on ur primary drive, like C and everything else on another drive (think partion or usb HD drives) ....this is what the smart money does...
  10. daytrader


    I would suggest the vpn service I use, which was a sponsor at the old site here at CP, B4 it changed I use noir VPN dot com...never an issue with Tor or any site I could give them...all downloads worked, including the great one from this site...It's al about keeeping your actions private afterall .
  11. daytrader


    This could be the issue..so why bother use torrent? If you must, then use a vpn service, to hide your real IP, otherwise, just download from this or any other warez site. I use a vpn service, but am not allowed to mention the name here, so PM me if you want détails about how to get this to work.
  12. daytrader

    why is puter slow?

    How ever u do it...just do the upgrade to win 7...ur pc can't handle win 8 very well...or stick with xp...but format the complete drive,, use a partion program to create a drive C ( for ur OS) and a drive D for everything else, then load all the apps you use. This is what the smart money does and faster for you in the long run..
  13. yea copy me as well...this is not a question of company but individual sending mail I suspect... it can be traced....if you know how
  14. daytrader

    Why The Linux Desktop Doesn't Matter Anymore

    give it a year or so mark, changes are a commin...as kids learn more in school, linux based apps are being more popular than ever... so you, like me, are old school and don't really see what the 18+ age groups are growing up with...especially the tech savy ones, like MY kids
  15. daytrader

    Modem / Router problems

    the wifi part in the printer is not being recognized by the router, thus when you power off/on the printer an new ip is being generated and is released by the router. Not sure of the set up details s you may have, but its one of IP creation.