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    Welcome back :)

    Good now don't ever go away ever again.
  2. plz recheck link. getting a ton of error message on the page.
  3. LMAO. Baby steps man, baby steps! Do really wanna learn how to properly mod [the new] game maps and maybe other stuff that won't get the copyright feds on my ass over releasing it online for massive online use play. Another thing, rather stick away from the whole fame so "thoughts of grandeur" will be the downfall of an egoist...learning Assembler should be relatively easy never even considered something like that as its been mostly about C++ **Edited previous comment to prevent any unnecessary future "confusion" as it were.**
  4. I was doing no such thing to comdemn the entire staff or even blaming anyone but speaking my mind. I've been around long enough to not waste everyone who frequent 'Programming Corner' time with n00bish questions; Sadly, the answer was already given. Thanks a ton, daytrader. I've been a frequent worker bee and computers became placed on the back burner. I've tried unsuccessfully on several occasions in getting back into the swing of things but wow, felt completely outdated like was reading a language that requires a special brain able to read all of this techy dead language. ...Thought by creating this post would be able to find a short cut to better help assimilate the new type of information easily and updating my brain that already knows some of the languages already easier. --sorry if may have lost you.
  5. Srsly, I wouldn't even insult my intelligence in providing a more logical answer to the one you gave. Google isn't ALWAYS a means to an end not when it comes to tutz this community could provide me... have exhausted all means, seriously, feels like I wasted my entire time in creating this thread now.
  6. 6.12.81

    Why Megaupload.com is down

    It's still amazing that the FBI was able to seize foreign assets without actually proving anyone guilty. Remember everyone they arrested is innocent until proven otherwise in a court of law. I seriously hope that the case falls through and that Megaupload seeks damages. This entire case is based off of the premise that Megaupload doesn't own the rights to that video. Sorry but if they filmed it and had contracts with the actors agreeing that the video belongs to Megaupload then there is no case, and the FBI just seized millions of assets without just cause. It's a sinister foreboding of what SOPA has to offer. What makes SOPA dangerous is the fact that there is no due process. That’s right, if passed the likes of Viacom, Disney, and Fox Entertainment will have the right to block websites on mere “suspicions of piracy”. No actual piracy needs to have occurred. No proof, no court order, nothing. If one of these companies sees something they don’t like (or want to shut down a web-based competitor) they can just pull the plug with no burden of proof on their part.
  7. 6.12.81

    Why Megaupload.com is down

    Where's the button to delete double post?
  8. 6.12.81

    Rules of a Company ...

    It may have been read as something humorous to make you laugh, however, its anything but. The people up top are taking this as a be all end all in reasons not to give you a raise just to keep you working around the clock 24/7 305 days of the year!
  9. 6.12.81

    Google seeks to clarify new privacy policy

    I in all honesty just do not get any of this. After awhile concentrate more and more on my own 'list-of-things-to-do' without even giving a second thought at the underhanded tactics taken place.
  10. 6.12.81

    Why Megaupload.com is down

    This is exactly what I said to myself. If you have this bucket load of money funneling into multiple accounts in different part of the world holding large sum of money, right. Why in the fuck bother using celebrities to promote megaupload that in full support for NRAA etc? -huh that's just ASKING for trouble. Universal Media showed its true colors! ... Let's speak as if we're a family, y'know..related. " [Re-read previous comments posted earlier in this thread, after realized did jump to conclusion so fully editing my comments] We need to be in a LIFE OR DEATH state of mind, fully aware of that the enemies only interested in complete suppression of information, complete compliance for all form to abusive authority only focus is establishing an opening to bring in the New World Order; Honestly, need to be prepared always for changes...changes where either for saving the internet community or out for profit ...again... either route do choose must know fully well how to protect their 'self-interest' properly away far from 'big-brother' so do keep that godlike complex in check!" Seriously...READ, read and then read some more, like Sun Tzu: The Art of War is in ebook format for a reason. Reading is fun-da-mental; Fun for Da Mental (think about it. For the mind) THINK! "It ain't illegal yet...but they working on it!" - Eddit Griffin! Reference here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BvCowcpjr6o
  11. Wow, a very special Happy New Years gang. How about we move this right along shall we? Good! My interest has been in studying C++ Programming/commands/debugging which brings me to this question regarding Crack Tutorials still useful not "out-of-date". Yeah, been realizing now-a-days where everything all about High-End this and High-End that with water cooling, finding out about dual core, quad core also topics on 64bits. All of he tutorials have boxed away (yes even saved on floppy's) only function properly on older windows and incompatible with newer OS's. ...So my questions this, I've got this deep learning curve when it comes to this stuff so really any that'll be able to help make the transition easier for the older generations? TL;DR. Any current Crack Tutorials available for 22nd Century instead of the early 90's or 80's?
  12. 6.12.81

    megaupload court hearing

    Go figure. Newt Gingrich must be the next in line or certain powers-that-be must be loosing it!
  13. That is one awesome display of ingenuity, patience, strong mental focus in staying committed to finishing something until the very end! The Gorrilla Hanger, Trash Sculpture, Plastic Water Bottle Jelly Fish and The Hubcap Sculptures are by far one of the most favorite to me since, from experience it can be a handful when working with metal or plastic! The Obama Hair sculpture is just about creepy. The Chewing Gun Sculpture.... excellent but not my thing!